Izmir International Fair Opens With All Precautions Against The Epidemic

Izmir International Fair Opens With All Precautions Against The Epidemic
Izmir International Fair Opens With All Precautions Against The Epidemic

The 89th Izmir International Fair is preparing to open its doors on September 4 with all health measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic. Speaking about the fair where masks, distance and cleanliness will be at the forefront, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that the entrances to Kültürpark will be kept under control during the fair. Soyer said, “It is our duty to organize this fair. We have taken all measures against the epidemic. At the same time, 40 thousand people can be found inside, ”he said.

The 89th Izmir International Fair (IEF) is preparing to host its guests with the "Mediterranean" theme on September 4, under intense measures against the epidemic. The press conference of the 89th İEF, which will be organized by İZFAŞ under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce and hosted by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was held today in Kültürpark. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Speaking at the press conference attended by Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized the importance of the fair for the city. President Soyer said, "Our aim in opening the fair is to contribute to the revitalization of the economic problems of the country and Izmir, which have grown even more with the pandemic, with international cooperation and commercial relations that will occur at the fair."

"We want to offer solutions to economic problems"

Stating that they want to reveal the historical heritage of İzmir in a much stronger way, President Soyer said, “We want to make İzmir the leading city of the Mediterranean, strengthen commercial relations, and further reveal the agricultural and tourism potential of our city. Finally, we started to develop strong relations with Mediterranean cities to contribute to the economy of Izmir and our country and to increase prosperity. The main reason we held the Izmir International Fair with the Mediterranean theme is to offer a solution from Izmir to our economic troubles that deeply shook every household during the pandemic period by getting stronger in these relations ”.

Announced the measures taken against the epidemic

Stating that they organized the 89th IEF due to the coronavirus epidemic as 10 days, not 5 days this year, Soyer also explained the measures taken. Soyer said: “From the start of our exhibition on September 4, our guests will be allowed to enter their entrance gates by measuring their fever in a controlled manner suitable for social distance. Specially designed masks and disinfectants for IEF will be distributed. In Kültürpark, necessary warnings and inspections will be provided to pay attention to social distance and cleanliness. Nobody should doubt that we prioritize the health of our people above all else. I firmly believe that my fellow countrymen from Izmir will comply with all the precautions we take and show serious sensitivity. "

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that this year, there will not be big crowds like in the past years, and maybe they will not experience great excitement and enthusiasm, and stated that they are still trying to realize the richest, most content of the fair despite the epidemic conditions.

"Izmir Business Days will take place online"

Canan Karaosmanoğlu, General Manager of İZFAŞ, stated that İEF will start with İzmir Business Days and said, “İzmir Business Days, which will focus on trade and logistics in the Mediterranean in the post-pandemic period, will be held online this year due to the pandemic. Izmir Our aim in the Business Days after the pandemic changing global supply chain and new trading methods will contribute to Izmir and Turkey in order to lead to new opportunities to find new ways to ensure adapt to these changes. In the sessions to be held, people such as economic sector leaders of our city, ministry representatives, trade experts will be speakers and talk about the future of trade and logistics in the Mediterranean with trade-related people from all over the world.

"It will contain a solution suitable for the natural SIT identity"

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer also answered the problems of the journalists attending the meeting. When asked by a press member that there were allegations that IEF would be held at Fuar İzmir after the coronavirus epidemic, Soyer replied: “It is out of question that we put forward a will other than the founding will of the IEF. Our ancestors, who founded this fair, determined it as a public university. It is out of the question that we, as today's rulers, put forth a will contrary to the founding will. Kültürpark is, on one hand, a historical SIT, on the other hand a natural SIT. It has a historical and natural identity to be preserved. Currently, the Conservation Development Plan is at the completion stage. Discussions with relevant professional chambers and non-governmental organizations have come to an end. The functions of some buildings in Kültürpark will be changed in some way and some of them will be removed and a new area arrangement will be made. However, this regulation will include a solution in line with the founding will of the founding will and the natural SIT identity. It will not become a green area where all buildings will be destroyed. "

"It is our duty to organize the fair"

To the question "Why did you insist on organizing the fair against the coronavirus epidemic", President Soyer said, "We were insistent, we were willing. It was not just a decision of our own will. After all, we came to this point by negotiating with the Ministry of Commerce. We visited our minister two weeks ago. We tried to understand his will on this matter. We agreed to organize a fair according to their criteria. It would not be correct to say that we have a one-sided insistence. The fair opened its doors even in World War II. It has never been closed in any period of history. It was our duty to organize this fair, even if it was somewhat limited, ”he replied.

"40 thousand people can be found inside at the same time"

Mayor Soyer stated that they will take a maximum of 40 thousand people in Kültürpark during the fair and said, “Based on the number of people per square meter and the geographical area of ​​the fair, we determined how many people can be inside at the same time. This number can be around 52 thousand. Those who come out as well as those who enter will be kept under control. How many people could be inside? We will limit this. We plan to limit the number of people who can be inside at the same time to 40 thousand in order to reduce the risk. When this number is exceeded, the doors will be closed ”.

Masked and distant concerts

89. Activities at IEF will take place with health in the foreground. This year, Grass Concerts cannot be organized within the scope of pandemic measures. Instead, concerts will be held in Atatürk Open Air Theater, following the social distance rule. The opening concert on the evening of September 4 will be Mediterranean Cities Music accompanied by the Izmir Symphony Orchestra. Just before the concert, Lisbon Governor Fernando Medina and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau will connect online and greet the residents of Izmir. Following the opening concert, the popular rock band Mor ve Ötesi will take the stage. On September 5, Ozbi and Gülce Duru will meet with fans of Gazapism. On Sunday evening, September 6, the open-air stage will warm up and fans will have the opportunity to watch the Anatolian Fire. The evening of September 7; Ufuk Beydemir, Buray and Merve Özbey will sing their popular songs. The closing will be made by clarinetist Hüsnü Şenlendirici and Halil Sezai on 8 September. The area will be cleaned before the concerts, and the seating arrangement of the audience will be done by paying attention to the social distance during the concert. Social distance will be maintained by taking 2750 people to the 1435-seat Atatürk Open Air Theater. Entrance to the fair will be 5 TL.

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