Yarkadaş: 'Make Channel Istanbul, Turkey Atomic Bomb At Equivalent to'

Yarkadaş: 'Make Channel Istanbul, Turkey Atomic Bomb At Equivalent to'
Yarkadaş: 'Make Channel Istanbul, Turkey Atomic Bomb At Equivalent to'

CHP's Barış Yarkadaş from the CHP spoke at the talk titled “Channel Istanbul” organized by the Şarköy Municipality of Tekirdağ. In an interview with the impact of the project in Turkey it was discussed in all aspects. The conversation took place in Şarköy Municipality Social Facilities Garden and outdoors due to the pandemic.

Former CHP Istanbul Deputy - Journalist Barış Yarkadaş spoke at the interview attended by approximately 600 people. The talk, which lasted 45 minutes, included CHP Tekirdağ Provincial Chairman Şener Saygın, CHP Şarköy District Chairman Birol Taner, Şarköy Mayor Alper Var, Deputy Mayor Adnan Sevim, CHP Women's Branch President Nebahat Sağlık, CHP Youth Branch President Uğur Belet and Şarköy Volunteer Işın Neslihan Domaniç also listened.

"The Real Owner of the Project is USA"

Stating that the Kanal Istanbul project was designed by the USA, Yarkadaş said, “This project, which has been aimed to be realized since 1950, is intended to be done for the military and strategic interests of the USA. Meanwhile, AKP wants to generate rent and fill its pocket ”.

"Makes an Effect Like an Atomic Bomb"

Speaking in an outdoor conversation where the audience listened by wearing masks, Yarkadaş, in his 45-minute speech, said:

"Channel to Istanbul, Turkey is equivalent to horse atomic bomb. This project, according to the current account, Turkey will throw away 150 billion TL will be buried like a channel. But; With this money, all houses and schools in Istanbul that are not resistant to earthquakes could be strengthened. However, AKP prefers to generate rent instead.

"Will Kill the Seas and Living Beings"

Yarkadaş also emphasized the following points in his speech: “Canal Istanbul will destroy 575 plant species in the region. 73 of these plants are rare, 13 of them are endemic. These assets will disappear due to constructions. Storks will no longer come to this area. The rare species of the spotted turtle and the Apollo butterfly will also disappear. Agriculture will not be possible in a large part of Thrace. Marmara and Black Sea will turn into dead sea due to excavation and construction. Hundreds of thousands of people will be subjected to forced migration. The project looks like a bad horror movie as it stands. IMM President who struggled against this project Ekrem İmamoğluLet's support him."

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