Hygiene Products of Face-to-Face Education from Vocational High Schools

Hygiene Products of Face-to-Face Education from Vocational High Schools
Hygiene Products of Face-to-Face Education from Vocational High Schools

While preparations for face-to-face education that will begin on Monday, September 21 at schools continue at full speed, vocational high schools are working to meet the needs of institutions regarding disinfectant and hygiene products. Vocational High Schools, which support national and international aid efforts with its production potential at the beginning of the epidemic process, also play a leading role in the preparations for the new academic year.

Ziya Selçuk, the Minister of National Education, met with volunteer teachers and students at Istanbul Sultanahmet Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was reborn from the ashes in its historical building. Minister Selçuk, who entered the mask production workshop by wearing his work apron and gloves, experienced the mask machine produced by vocational high schools in all details from sewing to packaging. sohbet and received information.

The multi-purpose hall of the historical high school was like a fairground. The stands consisting of respiratory devices, disinfectant robots, medical support, medical and hygiene products developed by vocational high schools in Istanbul revealed the great transformation in vocational high schools. Minister Selçuk examined the stands one by one and wished success by getting information from the teacher and master trainers who shed sweat in the R&D and production of the products.

50 million masks, 6 million liters of surface disinfectant

With vocational high school teachers sohbetMaking evaluations after his arrival, Minister Selçuk said, “Today, we shared the production with our friends with great happiness. So even I tried to contribute to production. I put on my gloves, put on my apron and tried to make a contribution in mask production. " said.

Pointing out that the production infrastructure of vocational high schools is sufficient at the point of procuring masks, disinfection and daily cleaning materials, Minister Selçuk said, “You know that since the beginning of the epidemic process, our vocational high schools, science and art centers and public education centers It produced very high quality products. In particular, the production of protective masks continues in line with the demands from 48 schools in 139 provinces. Until now, 50 million masks, 1 million face protective visors, 1 million disposable gowns / overalls, 6 million liters of surface disinfectant, 600 thousand liters of hand disinfectant and 25 thousand liters of cologne have been produced. " shared his knowledge.

Stating that a success story has been written in vocational and technical education in the last two years, Selçuk said, "Nowadays we are preparing for face-to-face education, our vocational high schools have the opportunity to meet the protective hygiene products and disinfectant needs of our schools with their own production potential, I am proud." used the expressions.

Minister Selçuk said, “I would like to thank all my manager friends, teachers and students who contributed to this process. Because we supported our society with a huge mobilization. We have been with our nation in difficult times. Therefore, seeing the environment here really made me very happy. Now we have come to such a point that we have the capacity to carry these productions by folding. "

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