Drug Purchase Protocol Signed Between SGK-TEB

Drug Purchase Protocol Signed Between SGK-TEB
Drug Purchase Protocol Signed Between SGK-TEB

📩 12/11/2020 18:04

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, attended the Pharmaceutical Purchase Protocol Ceremony signed between the Social Security Institution (SGK) and the Turkish Pharmacists Association.

Minister Selçuk stated in his speech that they have a health insurance system that does not exclude any citizen with the improvements made in the social security system.

Stating that the amount required to be paid by those who do not have social security to benefit from health services, including their dependents, is only 88 lira 29 kurus per month, Minister Selçuk said, “We also pay the premiums of those who have income below a certain level. There is no other public or private insurance system in the world that offers such a comprehensive health service at such low cost. In the name of this, we call it 'Turkish Miracle' in the words of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. " said.

Selçuk stated that as the ministry, they carry duties and responsibilities in vital issues that concern all segments of the society, and that they touch every household and every family.

35 Billion Lira Support Provided

Emphasizing that they have implemented many programs under the Social Protection Shield since the first day of the epidemic, Minister Selçuk said, "Since March, the total amount of aid and support we have provided as the Ministry in the coronavirus process has exceeded 35 billion liras right now."

Selçuk pointed out that they have seen the benefits of the reforms made in the health system in the last 18 years during the epidemic period.

Minister Selçuk said, “We extended the validity period of the health reports and prescriptions of our chronic patients, which expired after January 1st. Thus, we prevented our chronic patients, whose reports have ended, from experiencing any victimization. Again, we made it possible to give medicines that were given for one month for three months. " used the expressions.

The Validity Period for the Expired Reports of Disabled Citizens has been Extended

Reminding that they included the drugs used in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients in the intensive care during the epidemic period, on the reimbursement list, Minister Selçuk, on the other hand, said that the disabled people who received the disabled pension and benefited from the care assistance also extended the validity period of the reports expired on January 1, 2020 and after.

Stating that they mobilize public resources in the most effective way for the health of the people through the Social Security Institution, Selçuk continued as follows:

“Today, we provide a very important service to our citizens through the 26 thousand 586 pharmacies we have contracted with. We process an average of over 30 million prescriptions per month. While the prescription service price we paid to pharmacies in 2012 was around 68 million, in 2019 this figure exceeded 410 million. Again, when we look at pharmaceutical expenditures, we see that the share of SSI in health expenditures was around 2012 percent in 32, while we see the share of a drug expenditure of 2020 percent in the entire SSI in 36. “

The Total Number of Medicines in the Reimbursement List reached 8

Noting that the number of drugs in the reimbursement list was 2000 in the 3s, it has increased more than twice today to 986, Minister Selçuk said, “We are one of the favorite countries in the world that buy such a high number of drugs in our reimbursement system. At the same time, it has reached 8 thousand 748 in the reimbursement application in medical supplies. The total number of drugs on the reimbursement list will increase to 4 thousand 833, together with the last figures we have received. The health of our citizens will continue to be our top priority. " said.

Minister Selçuk underlined that they provide 24-hour uninterrupted service thanks to the Medula Pharmacy System, and in this context, 415 million prescriptions are processed through this system per year.

We Provided an Improvement of 235 Million Liras to Pharmacies Annually

Stating that the government signed the agreements and protocols within the framework of agreement with the stakeholders, Selçuk said: “The new protocol will enter into force on 1 October 2020 and will be valid for 4 years. We determined the scales, discount rates, and service charges per prescription in our new protocol. As a result of these regulations, we have provided an improvement to pharmacies that we expect to reach 235 million lira annually. "

Stating that an agreement was reached that not all pharmacists are victims, Minister Selçuk said, “In our current protocol, there are a total of 76 items, including 110 main items and 186 sub-items. Again, in our protocol, we have ensured that all our citizens who have health insurance under the General Health Insurance receive medication under the best conditions without interruption. "

Minister Selçuk, celebrating the day of all pharmacists on the occasion of the World Pharmacists Day, said, “Our pharmacists are at the forefront of this struggle we continue in the epidemic, like our other healthcare professionals. First of all, I wish God's mercy to all our pharmacists who lost their lives during the epidemic. I wish our patients urgent healing. I would like to thank all our pharmacists for their devoted work. " used the expression.

Speaking at the ceremony, Social Security Institution President İsmail Yılmaz said, “With the GSS system, access to drugs from the desired pharmacy within the framework of the principle of equality in access to health services and drugs, and grievances and long queues are a thing of the past. With the support of our President and our Minister, our GSS system is getting stronger day by day and our citizens can access health services more easily ”.

Turkish Pharmacists Association President Erdoğan Çolak said, “We, as pharmacists, have been fighting in the front lines in the pandemic from the very beginning. "The SGK Protocol is as important as our citizens, for the economic well-being of our colleagues."

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