Bozankaya It Will Produce Local Metro After Electric Bus

Bozankaya It Will Produce Local Metro After Electric Bus
Bozankaya It Will Produce Local Metro After Electric Bus

Turkey is preparing to move in a new production of domestic electric vehicles. Electric bus and tram manufacturer Bozankaya, At 100 percent of Turkey's first domestic subway project he gave the start. Indigenous subway, and next year will be used in Turkey to be exported.

Production, which is a great value for Turkey to be exported to be used in networks both within the country and abroad. The company will also deliver the 150 million euro battery-powered trolleybus and tram projects it signed with Romania in 2021. Stating that they are working on new projects Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board, stated that they undertook important projects in the Romanian market in 2019.

Stating that they will make the first vehicle deliveries in Romania in the last quarter of 2020, Günay said, “We have also received the first 5 additional tram orders for the Timişoara tram project and the order number reached 21”. Turkey's first subway exports in 2016 Günay reminded that they perform with the consortium established with Siemens, "the co-operation we conducted in Asia and Siemens Thailand 3 subway project, and also the Canadian rail system project with Siemens USA, we have expanded to include North America. The relevant export will start by 2021 ”.

Continues Its Claim in the Domestic Market

Gunay, Istanbul In Turkey -Gebz metro stating that they gave the best bid in the tender, "We expect the tender to result in our favor," he said. Turkey's domestic firms producing the first 100 percent electric buses, electric buses, indicating that they continue to work Gunay announced that they continue to work with 100 percent local subway.

Saying that they are planning to increase the production and export of electric buses in a way that will have a significant share in the world market within 5 years, Günay said “Our project of 100 vehicles that we have signed for Bucharest is the starting point of this”. Günay stated that they aim to have a significant share in electric bus and rail system vehicle exports by taking major tenders in the world market within 5 years. Noting that there are 33 low-floor trams with a capacity of 70 passengers, 300 meters, 15 km / h, and 3 additional purchase options for the ongoing tram project in Antalya, Günay said, “In the second half of 2021, We will start to deliver ”he said.

 Downloading Target Domestic Metro Vehicle to Rails in 2021

Gunay, Turkey Bangkok subway train with the first delivery if they realize that the rail system and export to Romania in 2019 said they turned their routes. Günay said, “In the future, our business development studies will continue for Europe, South America and Asean countries”. Günay continued as follows: “We invested approximately 62 million Euros in our factory located in Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone and between 2012-2020, we achieved a figure of over 200 million Euros from the sales of products developed through R&D. 10 percent of the amount obtained as a result of R&D projects is export revenue and 90 percent is completely import substitution. Following Turkey's first indigenous 100 percent of our electric bus, autonomous, that is 100 percent electric driverless metro vehicles of public transport projects with our local projects evaluated were eligible to be supported by TUBITAK. Our goal is to get our local metro vehicle on the rails next year ”. he spoke.

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