Bicycle Roads in Bakırköy Coast are Renewed

Bicycle Roads in Bakırköy Coast are Renewed
Bicycle Roads in Bakırköy Coast are Renewed

IMM continues the maintenance, repair and renovation works on the destroyed bicycle and pedestrian roads on the Bakırköy coast. In about two weeks, the renewal of the 4 thousand 600 meters road was completed. Efforts have been accelerated to put the remaining route into service for Istanbulites as soon as possible.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues the maintenance and repair of bicycle and pedestrian roads on the Bakırköy coast. In the works that started two weeks ago, a renovation process has been carried out on a 4 thousand 600 meters route from Yesilyurt to Basınköy. Bicycle roads, which were damaged due to sea cranes, garbage trucks, loading vehicles, sea water and climate conditions, were once again put into service of 16 million people of Istanbul. IMM Road Maintenance and Department continues its maintenance and repair works on the entire coastline in order to increase the living standards of citizens. It aims to make other destroyed bicycle paths available to citizens as soon as possible.


In the new period, IMM, President Ekrem İmamoğluHe has signed many new works with the understanding of "We will make the bicycle a part of transportation in Istanbul". First of all, the Istanbul Bicycle Workshop was brought to life in order to create a roadmap for the projects. Within the scope of the workshop, the opinions and suggestions of experts, institutions, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers, companies and bicycle users were received. A road map was created for the dissemination of bicycle use and the development of bicycle lanes in Istanbul, with a participatory approach and a shared mind.


In addition, studies have been initiated to be included in the European bicycle routes network "EuroVelo" supported by the European Union (EU) and defined as a "Sustainable Tourism" project. Efforts are underway for admission to this route that will improve cycling culture and contribute to sustainable tourism and transportation.


Again, in order to use and popularize the bicycle as a form of transportation in Istanbul; 'Cycling Chief' was established under the roof of IMM Transportation Department. The unit, which carries out planning and project studies in line with the development of Istanbul's bicycle transportation infrastructure, also carries out communication / awareness studies in order for the bicycle culture to become widespread in our city and for the bicycle to be accepted as a means of transportation by the wider segments of the society.


The "Smart Bicycle" pocket application was made more ergonomic and offered to citizens. Work has been initiated to increase the ISBIKE system, which has 150 stops and 1500 bicycles, to 300 stops and 3 thousand bicycle capacity.

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