500 Billion Euro Global Railway Players Coming to Eskişehir

500 Billion Euro Global Railway Players Coming to Eskişehir
500 Billion Euro Global Railway Players Coming to Eskişehir

Organized by Modern Fuarcılık with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Rail Industry Show Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair will be held on 02-04 December 2020 at Eskişehir ETO TÜYAP Fair Center. The fair will bring together railway players who dominate the global market of 500 billion Euros with industry players in Eskişehir.

The countdown has begun for the Rail Industry Show Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair, which aims to bring together the public and private sector representatives of the international railway industry. The fair is organized with the organization of Modern Fuarcılık, which was founded with 02 percent domestic capital on 04-2020 December 100 with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ., Ankara Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, DTD Railway Transportation Association, Rail Systems Association and Rail Systems Cluster are among the institutions that support the event.

The fair, which will be held with the participation of 15 domestic and foreign companies from 100 countries and more than 3 thousand visitors, will also create an important ground for the establishment of new business contacts and the development of existing ones. Leading players of the industry, which has a global market share of 500 Billion Euros, will take their place at the fair. Turkey and the world of infrastructure, superstructure, technology, safety, electrification, signaling and IT firms as well as the light rail system manufacturers will also Rail Industry Show in communication. Making statements about the organization, Moris Revah, General Manager of Modern Fairs, underlined that the projects and financiers will come together at the fair.

Projects will come together with financiers

“During the fairs, a conference will be held to be attended by railway investors and project owners. At the conference; projects, financing models and financial sources will be discussed. In addition, banks, fund managers, local and foreign government representatives, local governments, project consultancy, insurance and law companies will also participate in the conference. On demand, one-on-one meetings for cooperation will also be organized. After the conference, a separate seminar will be held simultaneously with the fair, where specific topics of the industry will be discussed.

At the conferences to be held during the fair, the technology, academic side and Industry 4.0 issues will be discussed by experts. development of railways in Turkey, among the issues to be evaluated in 2023 and needs to be done. A separate panel will be prepared for municipalities within the scope of metro investments. "

Home base Eskisehir

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler stated that the fair is of great importance for Eskişehir and said: “Eskişehir has a geographical advantage and a deep-rooted trade and industry tradition. One of the most important reasons why our chamber decided to invest in Eskişehir Fair Congress Center is undoubtedly the railway industry. Examining the feasibility report we prepared for the center, the Ministry of Development provided us with the greatest support for an Anatolian city. The strategic focus of this feasibility report is on the clusters Eskişehir has. Contributing to the lobbying power of the railway, aviation and ceramic clusters is one of the most important goals of the fair industry in Eskişehir. who pioneered the modern industry of our country The contractor and subcontractor industries, is also the Urays project in Eskisehir, Hasan Bey to be deployed in Eskisehir the logistics base and a single point of intersection of the railways in Turkey Eskişehir'deyken, arranging our province of the exhibition is very natural. "

Measures to be Taken in the Fair Area

Underlining that all necessary measures will be taken due to the pandemic within the scope of the Rail Industry Show, which will take place on 02-04 December 2020; “All measures will be taken in line with the directives of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Social distance rules, density controls, healthcare team and services, high and quality ventilation systems will be actively used during the fair, especially for maximum hygiene supply. " said.

"150 billion euros of investment to the rail system in Turkey"

Stating that Eskişehir is a point where both conventional and high-speed train lines intersect, Moris Revah, General Manager of Modern Fairs, stated that the city is in a strategically important position as it is also located on the Silk Road route; “Within the scope of this important organization, not only the fair, but also conferences and different events will be held simultaneously. Especially during the fair, we organize a very serious conference on the finance of the railway with experts in their fields. If there are no restrictions, financiers, who are at the top of the money in railways on a global scale, will come to our country. These people will be able to contact companies directly after their conference. "

"Railway development criterion"

Emphasizing that one of the most important criteria showing the development of a country is the railway networks owned by the country, Revah added: “We are a very strategic country in the middle of Asia and Europe, geographically. We are in the center of a place where trade is developing. When we look at the developed countries, we see that transportation is mainly done by railways. People in Europe use more trains than planes. Especially in Europe, there is an obligation to transport all kinds of flammable, explosive, large tonnage cargo by rail. The rail system both relieves road traffic and is a more efficient transport model. You can load a maximum of 25 tons on a truck, but it is possible to load 60 tons on only one wagon. When there are 50 wagons on the train, the account is clear. It snowed on the railway, it sank into the mud. Rail transport is 60 percent cheaper than sea transport and 80 percent cheaper than road transport. "

Digitalization in Fairs During the Pandemic Process

Providing information about the online organizations they developed in this process, Moris Revah; “All stakeholders of the railways, which is the shining transportation model in the world during the pandemic process, will meet at Wagon Expo Online B2B and Metro Expo Online B2B. Due to the pandemic that started in March 2020 and we do not know when it will end, we aim to provide 2 online B2B trade areas, which we will keep as a boutique, as a boutique, by using our sector knowledge and relations as Modern Fuarcılık, when both fair organizations and international travel cannot be carried out routinely.

We will hold the Wagon Expo Online, which will take 2 days, where we will bring together freight car manufacturers and users, public institutions, international and domestic NGOs, which is the first leg of the event. In the second leg of the event, we wish to bring producers and public institutions and organizations together with the topic of public transportation in rail and light rail systems, which will continue for 2 days on the digital platform.

"There is a high potential in subways"

Emphasizing that the railway industry has two legs, Moris Revah said, “The first is TCDD, and the second is perhaps the light rail systems whose larger leg is under the control of local governments. When we look at the conjuncture of the country right now, there is a lot of potential in subways. Metro and tram companies belonging to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir, Adana, Antalya Municipalities are participants in the Rail Industry Show. These provinces have an important potential ”.

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