Second Hand Cars for Under 50.000 TL

Second Hand Cars for Under 50.000 TL
Second Hand Cars for Under 50.000 TL

With the regulation published in the Official Gazette, new rates in SCT entered into force. Used car prices are on the air again! The SCT hike has also badly affected the second-hand market. We have listed some second-hand vehicles under 50 thousand TL for you.

While the lower limit in the tax base for cars with an engine volume of less than 1600 cc increased from 70 thousand to 85 thousand liras, the SCT rate for vehicles over 1600 cc was increased. 1600 to 2000 cm³ of cylinders whose volume and base 170 thousand up to TL cars with 130 percent SCT, 1600-2000 cm³ between the cylinder volume and the base after the time from 170 thousand higher over 150 percent in vehicle excise alını of Turkey percent 277 It ranked first in the world with a raise rate of up to (SCT & VAT).

After the SCT hike in automotive, second-hand car prices skyrocketed again! There are not many models left that can be taken under 50 thousand liras. However, we have compiled some models that can be taken under 50 thousand liras, even if there are a few models.

Fiat Linea 2008 (Km: +210 thousand km) - Price: 46.000 TL
Renault Symbol 2009 (Km: +260 thousand km) - Price: 49.000 TL
Fiat Albea 2010 (Km: +300 thousand km) - Price: 40.000 TL

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