First Female Sailors at Work in 169-Year-Old Istanbul City Lines

First Female Sailors at Work in 169-Year-Old Istanbul City Lines
First Female Sailors at Work in 169-Year-Old Istanbul City Lines

For the first time, female seafarers started to work on the 169-year-old IMM City Lines. The goal of five young female sailors, aged 19-23, with high school and university maritime education, is to be a captain on ships.

Another first took place in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which employs more women every day. IMM General Directorate of City Lines recruited five female sailors.


While female seafarers were recruited, the conditions were sought for them to graduate from maritime vocational high school, have completed their internship and have sea experience. In addition, criteria such as personal career planning, enthusiasm for maritime and compliance with the corporate culture were also determinants. For now, women seafarers are serving on the ships between 08.00-17.00. After the living areas on the ferries are arranged, they will be able to work on ships 24 hours a day like other sailors.


Stating that they removed the gender factor from the recruitment criteria, City Lines General Manager Sinem Dedetaş said, “No female sailors have ever worked in our institution until now. Our new friends were eager. They chose to work on the ship themselves. They went through the same procedures as our other seafarers. We saw that they had ambitions and merits, and we gladly recruited them to our teams. If the work is done willingly and fondly, I think there should be no distinction between men and women. "It makes a difference in success and in the quality of the job, doing the job with love and desire."

Dedetaş, the company's first female General Manager, said: “The best thing is that we broke the perception that 'a woman is not a sailor'. I think we are eliminating the sexist approach with the start of our female sailors. I give the good news that womanhood will not be an obstacle in case of sufficient competence and merit in the job application. Women can apply with peace of mind. "


Özge Alp, one of the sailors, is 23 years old. After working in the yacht industry for a while, he applied to Kariyer.ibb. Alp said, “I was called for an interview two weeks after my application and I was finally hired. Deniz is a passion for me since my childhood. I am also surfing, my diver. Throughout my education, I was told, 'A woman cannot be a sailor, she cannot take a long journey', and I was expected to give up. I was after my dream, and now I'm proud to work on City Lines' ships. I studied as a captain of the distance and close roads at the university. "My goal here is to be a captain in the future," he said.

Beyza Adıgüzel is 20 years old. While still in high school, he did his internship on the City Lines ferries. Adıgüzel said, “The internship was a great advantage and experience for me. I always wanted to see myself here. City Lines paved the way for us. I am very happy and proud now. We all work under equal conditions and fulfill the same duties on board. We don't just throw rope and take it. According to the needs, we take part in the ship's maintenance and attitudes in the bridge, ”he said.

Aynur Avcı is 21 years old. Avcı also took the first steps in shipping by completing his high school internship on the City Lines ferries. Explaining that he has been a sea lover since childhood, Avcı said, “When I was a maritime student, I was told 'Don't be a sailor, be a nurse, a teacher, a doctor'. After my graduation, I applied to some places for a job. However, because I was a woman, they wouldn't even look at my CV. It was said, 'What is the woman doing on the ship? By applying to Kariyer.ibb, I thought I could get one step closer to my dream. So it happened. I get very good responses from passengers while on duty. There are even those who pray, say 'Masallah' and applaud, ”he said.


İmran Bayar is 21 years old. Stating that he has not encountered any sexist behavior on the ship until now, Bayar said, “The first reaction of the passengers who see us is very nice, I can see their surprise from their looks. Eyes on all of us. 'Will they be able to do it?' There are also those who look at it. But we do it and we are proud, ”he said.

Dilara Çapa, on the other hand, is the youngest of seafaring women, yet 19 years old. Stating that City Lines applied for a job without knowing that it would hire female sailors, Çapa said, “There is no gender discrimination in the ship environment. We all do the same jobs. I observe that our passengers enjoy being on the ship. Who knows, maybe we will be the first female captains of the City Lines, ”he said.

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