1 Billion Dollars Target in Tobacco Export

1 Billion Dollars Target in Tobacco Export
1 Billion Dollars Target in Tobacco Export

Turkey's traditional export products of the tobacco produced in different regions in Turkey, an agricultural product which is about 56 thousand farmers livelihoods of families.

Tobacco, which is the most produced agricultural product in the world except food products, is a plant that concerns a wide audience in terms of employment, export and tax revenues.

The share of Special Consumption Tax and Value Added Tax collected on tobacco products in total tax revenues is around 7 percent, the amount of SCT obtained from the tobacco sector exceeded 2018 billion TL in 42 and reached 2019 TL in 50,3. Considering it, the contribution of the tobacco industry to our economy becomes clearer. SCT and VAT are derived from the tobacco industry in total over 60 billion TL annually.

Aegean Tobacco Exporters on-site hosting all of my tobacco exporter in Turkey According to our records are watching cruise Union, Turkey's exports of tobacco and tobacco products by $ 900 million to $ 1 billion annual band.

Our tobacco industry, which left 2018 behind with an export figure of 1 billion 11 million dollars, transferred 2019 million dollars of foreign currency to our country in 909. kazannagged.

Our exports in the first half of 2020; 426 million 265 million dollars. Our exports in the first half of 2019 were 453 million 38 million dollars.

In the first half of 2020, our exports of tobacco products were 213,5 million dollars, while Saudi Arabia took the first place in exports of tobacco products with an amount of 26 million dollars. Iraq ranked second with $ 21.5 million and Malta ranked third with a $ 19 million demand for tobacco products. The number of countries to which we export tobacco products was 48.

The owner of the first place among the countries we export, while foreign exchange revenue of leaves Turkey for $ 129 million from tobacco exports has been the amount of $ 33 million US. We exported 13 million dollars of leaf tobacco to Indonesia and 11,5 million dollars to Poland. Iran preferred 83,5 million dollar Turkish tobacco in the export of shredded, spiral tobacco and hookah tobacco, from which we generate 47 million dollars foreign currency income.

During the pandemic period, we experienced a contraction in hookah tobacco exports due to the fact that hookah lounges were closed due to intense curfews throughout the world, but we did not have any problems other than hookah tobacco exports.

In the second half of 2020, we do not expect a significant contraction in tobacco exports unless there is a second and major wave in the pandemic. We believe that we will reach 2020 billion dollars in exports in the second half of 1.

Our seven geographic regions of Turkey are made of tobacco production in six of them. According to the data of 7, 6 producers produced 2018 tons of tobacco on 55 thousand decares of land.

Turkey, which is across the world oriental tobacco production 185 thousand tons, 32 percent of shares from the world leader.

We believe that the way to ensure sustainability in tobacco production is through contracted production. Contractual production is the right model for both manufacturers and exporters. We believe that only manufacturers will stay in production. Therefore, 87 percent of tobacco production in Turkey we get with contract manufacturing.

tobacco-industry in Turkey, growing in size threatens the industry in recent years, leaks were faced with unfair competition against those who trade in tobacco.

In terms of the sustainability of Turkish tobacco, the Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607 was amended and the sale of filled macaron or leaf cigarette paper for commercial purposes was banned as of 1 July.

Those who do tobacco trade without obtaining an authorization certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry or notifying them will be sentenced to 3 to 6 years in prison under the same law. However, this implementation of the law has been postponed to 2021.

This sanction to be imposed on unauthorized tobacco traders in order to protect and strengthen the country's economy, exports, farmer's income and legal trade of the sector will end the illegal tobacco trade to a great extent. I am confident that this regulation made in order to protect and develop Turkish tobacco agriculture and exports will be fully successful next year when this article of the law comes into force.

We will continue to have a say in the global tobacco market by protecting our own products in our own lands. International market we take these steps in order to protect the Turkish tobacco branded gerekiyordu.türki This problem was identified in 2017, but was postponed punishment for various reasons.

This year, a penalty has been imposed on the sale of spiral tobacco stuffed in macarons or wrapped in cigarette paper. This development was a very important step for the sustainability of Turkish tobacco agriculture, which has become a brand in international markets. We thank the authorities once again from here.

We believe in Turkey in Akhisar for the sustainability of tobacco production and exports and Celal Bayar University within the educational life sustaining Tobacco Expertise School of Ege University would be useful to Obtain the Faculty of Agriculture Structure. We will continue to work to increase our exports in the second half of 2020.

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