What is SEO? What Does It Do?

SEO, in its simplest terms, can be defined as the success of a website in search queries. Since Google is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to search engines, SEO work is mostly focused on Google. So What is SEOIn response to the question, we can also provide the answer to the performance of a site on Google. So how can you achieve success in SEO?

In fact, it is not possible to explain the criteria for success in SEO in a single article. However, we can say that one of the main criteria is detailed SEO analysis. Since the most important factor of search engines is a good user experience, we can use the expression of making users happy for the short answer to the question of how to achieve success in SEO.

How to Analyze SEO?

In order to be successful in search engines, a detailed SEO analysis It is important. SEO analysis ensures that the site's deficiencies and in-site errors are determined. To conduct a comprehensive analysis, it is usually SEO tools used. With these tools, detailed reports about missing and errors can be obtained in a short time.

Scope of SEO Work

Using quality and original content, facilitating the navigation of visitors within the site, and paying attention to quality rules such as title, description, site speed can provide a good basis for SEO. These basic works are usually sufficient for personal websites. However, individual SEO studies do not provide much effect in areas where there is competition and that provide services or products. In individual SEO studies, the analysis of the site and its competitors is often poorly done. However, to ensure success in search engines, SEO analysis should be done in detail. SEO analysis can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. On-site SEO analysis,
  2. Off-site SEO analysis,
  3. Competitor analysis

Planning is the basic criterion for SEO work as it is for any business. In order to make a good planning, it is necessary to analyze the existing situation well. TASEO Ş., we proceed to the planning stage after making detailed competitor analysis with on-site and off-site SEO analysis using advanced SEO tools. It is not possible to plan without determining the needs and deficiencies of the site; It is not possible to achieve success without planning. For this reason, we examine your project from every aspect, make SEO analysis and determine our goals and plan accordingly.

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