Barrier-Free Service from the Park

TransportationPark, an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, listens to its passengers and resolves their complaints in a minimum time thanks to the 'Passenger Relations Unit', which provides service 7 days a week. The Passenger Relations Unit, which works in coordination with the Metropolitan 153 Call Center, deals with complaints or requests from many different points one by one. TransportationPark, which meticulously finds solutions to suggestions, requests and demands from many places such as mail, telephone, CIMER, social media and petitions, has also established a Barrier-Free Communication Unit for deaf passengers. With this unit established, hearing impaired citizens; can express and resolve their requests, suggestions and complaints face to face through the online service.


Thanks to the Passenger Relations Unit, which has been providing service since the day it was opened, TransportationPark is able to convey the incoming requests directly to the relevant unit. With the Barrier-Free Communication Unit established, passengers with hearing impairments are contacted via video calls upon their request. The requests of the contacted passenger are first received, then when the solution is reached, the information transfer is again transmitted via video. Passengers can call 0262 325 23 05, addresses or TransportationPark's social media accounts.


Requests received through Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Call Center 153 are evaluated in a coordinated manner. Suggestions, complaints or requests coming to the Park via 153 are forwarded to 153 and the passenger's problem is solved at a minimum level in a coordinated manner. With this work carried out for disabled passengers, obstacles are removed.

Günceleme: 22/08/2020 11:23

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