Uğur Mumcu Ferry was launched with a ceremony

Land works of the Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry has been completed. The ferry was launched with a ceremony held in Istanbul Tuzla Shipyard.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase the share of maritime transportation in public transportation and to expand its fleet with modern, environmentally friendly ships suitable for disabled use. The land works of the Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry, which was built by Çeliktrans Shipping Company at Istanbul Tuzla Shipyard to be included in the fleet of İZDENİZ by the Metropolitan Municipality, has been completed. A ceremony was held at Tuzla Shipyard due to the launch of the ship for the first time. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Dr. Secretary Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak, İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Ufuk Tutan, İZDENİZ General Manager İlyas Murtezaoğlu, Çeliktrans Shipping Chairman Ahmet Ötkür and workers attended.

"We have completed the construction period"

Speaking at the ceremony, Çeliktrans Denizcilik Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Ötkür stated that the launching ceremonies of the ships are like a feast, and that it is celebrated with joy. Expressing that the construction of the ships in the shipyards is an extremely long and arduous process, and that the people here continue their selfless work, Ahmet Ötkür said: “We have completed the construction period of the Uğur Mumcu Ferry here today. It was launched into the sea. With the launching of the ship, kazanwill ache. After the ship's landing, the port and cruise experiences will be completed in September. Then the ferry will deliver it to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

“A new pearl to the Gulf kazanwe will go"

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Dr. Buğra Gökçe started his speech by conveying the greetings of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. Drawing attention to the importance of maritime transportation and the rail system, Buğra Gökçe said, “Unlike other cities in our country, we have been following a strategy that prioritizes rail system and maritime transportation by reducing rubber-wheel transportation, which reduces carbon emissions for a long time, unlike other cities in our country. We think that this is an indispensable necessity, both in terms of the sustainability of the world and the future of cities.” For this reason, Gökçe mentioned that they invested in the rail system, sea route and ships, “We believe that this is very important for the future of our cities. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the only metropolitan municipality that has signed a carbon emission reduction agreement among the three metropolitan cities. And he wholeheartedly believes in its importance. In this sense, a new necklace, a new pearl for the Gulf. kazanAlso, for us, it doesn't mean just buying a ship," he said.

Uğur Mumcu's name will live on this ferry

Reminding that the ferry is named “Uğur Mumcu”, Gökçe said: “The name of our ferry was named after a very valuable journalist author and researcher Uğur Mumcu, who was a very early and untimely loss for our country. It also makes us happy that he will bear the name of Uğur Mumcu, one of the important names in the enlightenment of the country, our precious elder. Excited. I hope we want to experience this pride with Uğur Mumcu's family on the day he lands in the Gulf, and to share this pride with them and their loved ones. On this occasion, I would like to thank my dear colleagues and laborers who work here. Health to all of your hands and hearts. Don't let stones touch your feet. I hope you will launch many ships into the sea without any accident and trouble. " After the speeches, the steamer was launched. The ferryboat, whose name was determined as "Uğur Mumcu" by the people of Izmir as a result of the survey, will continue to be built at sea.

Ferry properties

The ferry, built in Istanbul Tuzla Shipyard, is 74 meters long and 15,20 meters wide. It can carry 51 vehicles, 12 bicycles and 10 motorcycles. The ferry, which has a capacity of 322 passengers in the closed passenger hall, will offer passengers a panoramic view of the Gulf thanks to the large windows in the closed passenger lounge. The cruising speed of the ferry, which will be equipped with propeller systems with high maneuverability, will be 12 knots per hour.

There are two disabled lifts that provide access between the vehicle deck and the passenger deck on the starboard and port sides, large windows offering a view of the Gulf in the closed passenger lounge, TV broadcasts, wireless internet and sockets for phone-computer charging, and independent pet cages on the deck. There is also a baby care room, a toilet for the disabled, warning and direction signs for visually impaired passengers, special parking spaces for disabled passengers, disabled elevator, air conditioning system in the closed passenger hall, and a playground for children aged 2-5. .

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