TürkTraktör Started Exporting The First Domestic Production Tier 5 Tractors

Before the regulation of Tier 5 emission standards, which will be implemented in Europe, TürkTraktör began to offer domestic production tractors with new generation environmentally friendly engines developed and manufactured in its facilities to the European market.

TürkTraktör, the leading company in the tractor market, continues its works, which are the pioneers of many different fields in the sector, without slowing down.

TürkTraktör has been producing engines since 1994 and unloading the 500th engine from the belt last year. properly developed. TürkTraktör also started exporting tractors with these engines.

The design of Tier 5 engines in production is also being done in Turkey

TürkTraktör completed the engine development process in compliance with Tier 5 emission standards before the implementation, which obliges the use of engines with Tier 5 emission levels in vehicles to be transitioned in the European Union (EU) countries soon.

TürkTraktör R&D Center's teams of Turkish engineers completed the design and testing processes within the scope of Tier 5 engine development. After the successful completion of all these processes, the serial production of the new generation domestic engines started at the engine production facility in Ankara.

New Holland and Case IH brand tractors with domestic Tier 5 engines have been exported to different EU countries, especially Germany, England, Italy and France, for the use of European farmers since August this year.

Aykut Özüner said: “TürkTraktör has made another first in the agricultural machinery sector and is pleased to produce engines that comply with Tier 5 emission standards”.

TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner stated that, as TürkTraktör, it is not only the leadership they maintain in the market without interruption; After stating that they are in a privileged position with their pioneering identities that have also succeeded in signing 'firsts' in many subjects, he evaluated the work done within the scope of Tier 5 engine as follows:

“Tier 5 emission standards regulation in Europe has recently been implemented. Last month, we started to produce our engines, which were developed using the latest technology with the work of our engineers and manufactured in our facilities. For the first time in the agricultural sector, we were happy to produce an engine that complies with Tier 5 emission standards.

First, we exported our 10 locally produced tractors with Tier 5 engines; Our production and exports will continue with an increasing trend. "

Hibya News Agency

Günceleme: 20/08/2020 16:08

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