Drilling and seismic research ship for Turkey

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Turkey's maritime area of ​​each location of important tasks of our drilling and seismic research vessel for the way they came out with an energy independent country in search password.

Kanuni Drilling Ship

In order to continue the hydrocarbon exploration and drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean more vigorously, the third drill ship was taken over on January 31st and recorded in the TPAO inventory. "Magnificent" care should be looking for the name of the ship, supply and headed to Turkey after completion of test operations in the United Kingdom. Our ship, which entered our territorial waters in the Eastern Mediterranean on 13 March 2020, reached the anchorage area off Taşucu Mersin. Kanuni will start new ultra deep sea drilling as soon as possible.

Fatih Drilling Ship

Turkey's first domestic drilling vessel has the distinction of being. It is 229 meters tall. It has the ability to drill 12 meters deep under very high pressure and is equipped with active positioning technology. Thanks to its double-tower design, it can maintain 200 simultaneous drilling operations more economically, and has two remote controlled underwater robotic submarines that can monitor the seabed and perform hydrothermic operations when necessary.

It can carry out a faster drilling operation with 4 logistic cranes and 6 operation cranes. There are 2 helicopters and 3 support ships on board. It enables the fastest transfer of 210 personnel in total.

Fasting Reis Ship

together with Turkey's first domestic and national seismic research vessel of 86 meters in length width of 22 metre.ge my modern propulsion and maneuvering systems, geophysics, 2 and 3 dimensional mapping, deep seismic, gravity (oil density), magnetic systems and seafloor detailed imaging and The mapping systems are equipped with equipment that can perform geological sampling from the water column and the seabed, as well as a remote-controlled underwater vehicle.

There are geology, geophysics, hydrography, oceanography (native science) and biology research laboratories for processing, analysis and evaluation of data received on board. The ship also has an international standard helipad.

In addition to oil and natural gas researches, Oruç Reis can work effectively in scientific research with strategic importance such as the continental shelf in the context of monitoring the continuity of our land areas under the sea. In addition, geological structures at a depth of 15 thousand meters from the sea floor can be viewed with the ship, and the sea floor with a water depth of 500 meters can be viewed in detail with the modern remote controlled underwater vehicle (ROV).

Yavuz Drilling Ship

6th generation ultra deep sea drilling ship. Approximately 230 meters long and 36 meters wide, The height of the drilling rig is approximately 103 meters above sea level. In other words, it is about 36 meters taller than Galata Tower.

It can drill even under very high pressure up to a depth of 12 thousand 200 meters. With its Dynamic Positioning system, it can continue drilling even in waves reaching 6 meters. Yavuz allows simultaneous operation, where both main and auxiliary works can be done with its double-tower design. Both rigs were equipped with drilling equipment, thus doubling the operational power.

Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Ship

Turkey's seismic research vessel, is used in oil and gas exploration activities.

Equipped with the ICE-1A class notation and environmentally friendly high technology, the ship was built using the Norwegian Ulstein SX133 X-bow innovative ship design, which reduces fuel consumption and provides minimal emission low-developed transition speeds. The speed of the ship is 17 knots / 31 km / h. The 84-meter-long ship, which can collect two and three-dimensional seismic data and determine the direction and position automatically by satellite communication, has a helipad.

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