Turkey was included in the World Aviation Quality Process

turk turkey world aviation was included in the quality process
turk turkey world aviation was included in the quality process

FIELD Istanbul Turkey's leadership in the aerospace industry giants forming the National Aviation Industry Committee was created with the participation of companies (touchstone) with Turkey, the European Aviation Quality Group (EAQG) integration was completed 13th country. Turkey so that govern the aviation industry in the world and has become a part of the institution that supervises the quality process. At the same time, with this development, the way for our national companies to issue AS 9100 certificate will be opened.

Defense, aviation and space industry in Turkey has been successfully conducted by the National Technology Hamlesi's largest supporter of Field Istanbul, he has scored more international success for Turkey.

Turkey's largest and Europe's second largest industrial cluster with SAHA leadership Istanbul, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., TAI, ROKETSAN MKEK, BAYKAR THY Technical, ASELSAN, Kale Aviation, HAVELSAN and ALTINAY with the participation of aviation The integration of the National Aviation Industry Committee (MİHENK), the European Aviation Quality Group (EAQG), was completed. Thus, Turkey's institutions of authority in determining quality standards in the aviation sector located between the completion of the integration EAQG was 13th in the country.

SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş pointed out that these sectors have entered a rapid growth trend with the studies carried out in the field of defense and aerospace in recent years in our country and that they will continue to grow in the coming period, saying, “In order for the industry to keep up with these developments, our companies need to take part in international aviation quality processes and The necessity of improving their infrastructure has emerged ”.

Turkey was included in the global aviation quality processes

Turkey's İlhami cornerstone of the organization describing the process by which the 13th country to have completed the integration EAQG Keles said:

International Aviation Quality Group (IAQG), European Aviation Quality Group (EAQG) are among the authoritative institutions in determining the quality standards in the world aviation industry. Under these institutions, the Certification Body Management Committees (CBMC) and Certification Groups (CG) form the local bodies of this structure before the countries. Currently, there were 12 countries integrated into the system under the European Aviation Quality Group (EAQG). "

Turkey has to become a part of world aviation quality processes and the European Aviation Quality Group (EAQG) and the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) National Aviation Industry Committee to take place within the body (touchstone) was created.

in coordination with the EAQG by touchstone FIELD Istanbul, constitute Turkey's aviation industry was created with the participation of big companies' representatives expressing İlhami Keles, "as in other countries Certification Body Management Committees (CBMC) European Aviation Quality Group integration of structural and electronic system Completed. Thus, Turkey became the 13th European Aerospace Quality Group completed the integration of the country, "he said.

National solutions in aviation quality certification

Currently, the defense and aviation sector of our country meets the need for certification according to the International Quality Management System Standard for AS / EN 9100 aviation, space and defense industry by foreign companies.

Pointing out that the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) should obtain the authority to accredit domestic companies from the International Aviation Quality Group (IAQG) in order to meet this need of the defense and aviation industry with domestic companies and to prevent outflow of funds abroad, İlhami Keleş concluded:

“On the one hand, creating the necessary form requirement for TÜRKAK to obtain this authorization, and on the other hand, this committee, which was formed to be a part of the structures that manage the aviation industry abroad and supervise the quality processes, will make a great contribution to the sector. In the upcoming process, MİHENK will show expansion capability according to the need. "

Committee Firms with Voting Authority;

  • Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc.
  • TUSAŞ Engine Industry Inc.
  • Turkish Airlines Technic Inc.
  • Aselsan Electronic Industry and Trade Inc.
  • Roketsan Inc.
  • Baykar Defense Inc.
  • Havelsan Inc.
  • Kale Aviation Industry Inc.
  • Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation
  • Altınay Aviation & Advanced Technologies Inc.

Committee Members Not Authorized to Vote:

  • Ministry of National Defense (Ministry of National Defense),
  • SSB (Defense Industry Presidency),
  • SHGM (General Directorate of Civil Aviation),
  • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute),
  • TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency)

Source: defanceturk

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