Turkey, Sea Freight Continues Growth With Investments

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, made statements regarding the amount of cargo handled at ports in Turkey in July. In the ministry's statement, despite the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world, the amount of cargo handled at ports in our country in July increased compared to the previous year, amounting to approximately 41 million tons.

To evaluate the investments made in Turkey with its rich potential of the sea continues to find money accelerated. Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, maritime transportation and commerce with the epidemic caused the whole world has become a very important economic, social and showed the head of logistics troubles these days, Turkey's National Development moves and the Department of Logistics Master Plan in line with the growth of the investments made in the maritime industry and continue to strengthen He explained that.

The Amount of Cargo Handled in Ports in July Was Approximately 41 Million Tons

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in the harbor in Turkey with a written statement he gave information about the amount of cargo handled in July. In the statement made, it was noted that the maritime sector, which is in all transportation modes, was also affected by the coronavirus epidemic, but the growth in the sector still continued. It was reported that the amount of cargo handled at ports in July increased compared to the previous year and reached 40 million 724 thousand 644 tons. In the statement, it was also stated that the amount of cargo handled at our ports in the January-July period of 2020 increased by 2,6% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 284 million 174 thousand 781 tons.

Foreign Trade Shipments Increased by 5,4%

The statement, Turkey's exports for loading amounts realized in our harbor in July 2020 increased by 6,9% compared to the same month of the previous year, 11 million 625 thousand 844 tons, import purposes if the discharge amount compared to the same month of the previous year by 4,5%, up 18 It was stated that it was realized as million 622 thousand 264 tons.

The Ministry also stated that the foreign trade transports carried out at our ports in July 2020 increased by 5,4% compared to the same month of the previous year and that it was 30 million 248 thousand 108 tons.

The Most Increase Was in Scrap Iron Load Type

In his statement, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure stated that the highest increase was in scrap iron load and gave the following information:

“Scrap Iron, which handled 872 million 720 thousand 2 tons with an increase of 275 thousand 692 tons compared to June, was the most increasing type of cargo in July. This was followed by Coke and Semi Coke Coal with an increase of 524 thousand 814 tons and Chemical Products and Materials with an increase of 398 thousand 588 tons, respectively.

Russia Was the Country with the Most Freight Transport in Foreign Trade

According to the Ministry's statement, in July 2020, the highest amount of cargo handled in foreign trade with seaway was 3 million 933 thousand 818 tons with Russia. 470 tons (610%) of the shipments made with Russia were by Turkish flagged ships, and 12,0 million 3 thousand 463 tons (208%) were by foreign flagged ships.

Spain Ranks First in Export and Russia in Import

In the statement of the Ministry, it was stated that Spain ranked first in exports and Russia in imports, and the following information was included:

"Performs with exports and imports carried by sea a large part of Europe, Turkey has a maximum export cargo handling scheme to Spain in July 2020. It handled 1 million 85 thousand 130 tons of cargo to Spain in July.

Russia took the first place in imports. In the imports made by sea in July 2020, the highest load handling was in the shipments from Russia with 3 million 698 thousand 28 tons.

In addition, 8,6% of the cargoes subject to foreign trade were transported by Turkish flagged vessels.

In line with the targets set by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu for the sector, despite the epidemic, the developments in the maritime field are welcomed, and the acceleration is expected to rise even higher in the coming period.



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