Tofaş Sustainability Report is Online

tofas ​​sustainability report is online
tofas ​​sustainability report is online

Tofas Turkey leading company in the automotive sector, 7th Sustainability Report shared with the public. 264 thousand units of production and exports of 194 thousand units with Turkey's leading industrial companies in the field of energy efficiency performance in Tofaş continued to take place even carried forward.

Tofaş, the leading company of our country's automotive industry, continues its activities in line with its sustainability targets. Being the first automotive manufacturer to publish a "Sustainability Report" in the Turkish automotive industry, Tofaş shared its report on the web in an interactive format this year.

World Class Manufacturing reached the top in its journey of -WCM-!

In 2006, Tofaş was among the top three among Fiat Chrysler factories in the “Golden Level” in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program, which started in 2013 and mainly focused on occupational safety, quality, cost and environment. As a result of the audit carried out in 2019, it increased its score to 81 and became the automobile factory with the highest score. In the same period, Tofaş continued to reduce energy, water and carbon dioxide by increasing its efforts within the scope of environmental management, which has been ongoing for many years. All of the waste generated in the production processes is recycled with appropriate methods. kazanhe provided it.

"We maintain our successful performance in corporate governance and business results"

It deserves to be included in the BIST Sustainability Index in the comprehensive evaluation made by the international evaluation board EIRIS within Borsa Istanbul. kazanBeing among the 50 Turkish companies at the moment, Tofaş continues its activities in this field as the first automotive company to be included in the BIST Corporate Governance Index. Tofaş's Corporate Governance Rating for 2019 was increased to 9,26. Making a statement on the subject, Tofaş CEO Cengiz Eroldu said, “With the strength of our half-century of experience and knowledge, we continued to create value for our stakeholders despite the challenging economic developments experienced at the global and national level in 2019. While creating 2,3 billion dollars export income and 919 million dollars foreign trade surplus, we increased our performance in our domestic market activities. As Tofaş, we make our investments and business plans with a long-term perspective. In this period when important changes await us, being resilient and showing flexibility will be the keys to sustainable success and added value. Our goal is to continue the sustainable success of our company as a global company that creates value for its customers and whose employees and business partners are proud to be a part of. In this direction, we will accelerate our work within the scope of sustainability.”

We produced health equipment during the pandemic process

Referring to the work carried out during the pandemic process, Cengiz Eroldu said, “At the beginning of the process, we focused on understanding the needs of our healthcare professionals, who were at the forefront of the struggle, and protecting them so that we could leave this struggle successfully. Taking advantage of our R&D capacity, we rapidly started to produce biological sampling cabinets, intubation cabinets and visor masks. We shared the engineering studies for these equipment on the internet and supported the production of more than ten companies, we collected and distributed the requests centrally with the website we put into service. As Tofaş, we delivered 50 thousand visor masks, 1300 biological sampling and intubation cabinets to health institutions in 70 provinces. In this process, the health of our employees has been our priority. We aimed for the benefit of our producers by contributing to the preparation of the Safe Return to Work Guide, and we continue our activities with remote working methods and updated annual plans for the continuity of our business ”.

We continue our long-term social support activities

Besides Tofaş's main field of activity; Cengiz Eroldu, who also emphasized his support for long-term and deep issues in order to contribute to the national economy and social development; “Tofaş continues to implement long-term social responsibility projects in the fields of sports, education and culture and arts. "We continue to create value for the society with many projects such as Tofaş Sports Club, Tofaş Science High School, Tofaş Bursa Anatolian Cars Museum, Fiat Barrier-Free Movement, Fiat Laboratories and our support to archaeological excavations we have been carrying out for many years."

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