Vocational Factory Has Employed 807 People in Three Years

the occupational factory made a job in three years
the occupational factory made a job in three years

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory placed 807 people who graduated from their courses in the last three years. Vocational Factory Branch Manager Zeki Kapı said that free courses are opened by taking into consideration the sectors that need intermediate personnel, reflecting directly on the employment.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality brings its trained workforce to the economy. kazancontinues to climb. Vocational Factory Employment Development and Support Unit placed 3 trainees who graduated from courses at the Vocational Factory in 807 years. The number of trainees who opened their own workplaces in the last three years after completing their education is approximately 80. Zeki Kapı, the Branch Manager of the Vocational Factory, said that the courses were opened by considering the sectors that need intermediate staff in a way that will directly reflect on the employment.

Zeki Kapı, who gave information about the Employment Development and Support Unit, which also acts as a service point for İŞKUR to establish a link between the existing workforce in the city and the employer, said that more than ten thousand citizens benefit from the free courses they open in 100 training centers in nearly 12 branches every year. Kapı said, “We work with a 100-person expert instructor team in cooperation with İŞKUR, universities, Provincial Directorate of National Education, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and organizations. Our Employment Unit brings together graduates of our courses and employers. First of all, we fill in the resume form. In line with the job demands from the private sector, we direct our qualified employees to work. Our branches that train intermediate staff for the textile, tourism, pastry, floristry, barista and industry sector attract great attention. We have directed 2 thousand 768 people to work in various fields so far. 807 people among these people settled for work. Our unit also acts as a bridge for job seekers who do not attend the courses at the Vocational Factory. "We are continuing our efforts to remedy unemployment during the pandemic period when unemployment rates are increasing."

After the trainees complete their training, they have a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education. Vocational Factory, which suspended courses during the global epidemic, continues its preparations with a plan to open courses after September 1.

CMS Jant ve Makine Sanayi A.Ş. exemplary collaboration with

Profession Factory's CMS Jant ve Makine Sanayi A.Ş. The cooperation with the company continues. In 2019, 7 people who graduated from Vocational Factory technical trainings started to work in the company. The company made a personnel interview at the Vocational Factory this week to employ it for its factories in different regions of Izmir. 7 people graduated from Vocational Factory's lathe leveling, arc welding and automotive courses also attended the interviews.

Courses specific to each district are opened

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also organizes different courses according to the qualifications of each district within the scope of 'Studies for Supporting Income Generating Activities in Rural Areas'. Basket weaving in Karaburun, wood burning, soap making, entrepreneurship, house boarding, ceramics and fishing net knitting, cooking, pastry, entrepreneurship and home boarding in Urla, fishing net knitting and ceramics, jam, pickles and canned food in Seferihisar education and boarding house management, silk weaving, hand embroidery and fishing net knitting in Beydağ, culture mushrooming in Tire, patient and elderly care and milk and dairy products processing techniques (milk hygiene, cheese production and drinking milk processing), in Dikili House boarding, soilless agriculture and open field sales, landless agriculture for the disabled in Bergama, house boarding in Foça, soilless agriculture and ceramics, oyster mushrooming in Kiraz, sign language training in Torbalı and project preparation with soilless agriculture are among the courses organized. .

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