National Combat Aircraft Will Come From Hangar With Its Engine Running In 2023

the national combat aircraft will exit the hangar with the engine running
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According to the news in the Milliyet newspaper The complex, specially constructed for the national combat aircraft, which will leave the hangar in 2023, is about to be completed. Temel Kotil, General Manager of Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ), stated that when the complex is completed, it is desired to create an environment where 3 thousand engineers can work day and night.

Stating that a hangar will be built right next to the complex, Kotil also noted that a wind tunnel and lightning test system will be created. "If the 5 million volt lightning strikes, we will test the plane on the ground," said Kotil. It should not reflect the waves. Issues like this will be tested in detail. ”

Will Leave the Hangar on the Anniversary of Çanakkale Victory

Stating that the capabilities of the national fighter jet, which is expected to replace the F-16 fighter planes in the Turkish Air Force inventory, will be further increased, said Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and we hung his poster all over. On March 18, 2023, the anniversary of the Çanakkale victory, our national combat aircraft will come out of the hangar with its engine running. Ready for ground tests. When he leaves the hangar, he cannot fly immediately. Because this is the 5th generation fighter plane. Ground tests will be conducted for approximately 2 years. Then we'll lift it up. It will not end again, improvements. We will deliver the plane to our armed forces in the F2029 setting in 35 ”.

TAI's 2023 Targets

Stating that TUSAŞ closed 2019 with a growth of 43 percent in dollars and a turnover of 2.2 billion dollars, Kotil said that in 2028, TUSAŞ aims to have a turnover of 10 billion dollars and have 20 thousand personnel.

Kotil, 2023, the 100th anniversary of the gifts they will give Turkey said:

  • Hürjet will fly
  • Gökbey will be delivered
  • National fighter jet will be out of the hangar
  • Atak 2 will have made its flight.

The only alternative to the F-35 fighter aircraft is the National Combat Aircraft

President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry. Dr. During his meeting with internet media, İsmail Demir made statements about the ongoing defense industry projects.

In his speech, İsmail Demir reiterated his determination emphasis on the National Combat Aircraft project, one of the most important projects of the Turkish defense industry, over the F-35 JSF. Republic of Turkey's F-35 fighter aircraft, despite returning to the statements in the press for alternative İsmail Demir, the only alternative to the National Veterans Airplane / MMI has stated that.

Source: defanceturk

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