Customs Bonded Warehouse Operators Association Established

The Customs Bonded Warehouse Operators Association (GAID), which will bring together customs bonded warehouse operators under a single roof, started its activities on July 27, 2020 after efficient workshops lasting two months. Ekol Logistics Fleet Board Chairman Cavit Değirmenci, one of the experienced names in the logistics sector, was appointed as the Founding President of GAID, which set out with the aim of providing added value to foreign trade by supporting all stakeholders with its solution-oriented approach.

Under the presidency of Miller, GAID; It aims to carry out transparent, reliable and sustainable studies by acting together with institutions in the sectoral activities of the public and to become the leading sector organization in public-private sector cooperation. GAID will carry out studies to make the customs bonded warehouse sector heard more loudly and to have a say in the decisions taken, where customs clearance and storage procedures, which are part of the logistics, are carried out.


GAID's first official visit was to Ankara on Monday, August 17th. During the visit, Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Turkey Rıza Tuna Turagay, Director General of Customs Mr. Mustafa Gümüş, Head of Inspection Board Mr. Cumali Semeğir, Deputy General Directors of Customs Jale Arslan and Mr. Halit Hanoğlu, Head of Warehouse Department Mr. Nevzat Bozkurt, Head of Exemptions Department Mr. Erdal Karahisar, A meeting was held with Mr. Kerem Erol, Head of Export Facilitation Department, Ali Kamil Özmen, Head of Public-Private Partnership Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and Ali Sait Dolu, Deputy Minister Advisor. During the meetings, the establishment, activities and sectoral problems of GAID were discussed.

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