Thanks to Thermal Batteries Produced By National Facilities, 91 Million Dollars Stayed In The Country

million dollars remained in the country thanks to national thermal batteries
Photograph: Ministry of Industry and Technology

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, especially the main power source in the missile, the aviation industry is also produced by national emergency due to the possibility of thermal batteries used as backup power sources announced that $ 91 million remains in Turkey. Noting that 38 thermal batteries with different technical specifications are produced in international standards, Minister Varank said, “Our dependence on thermal batteries abroad has completely disappeared. After Germany, we received a pre-order from an EU country. We are at the stage of signing an important contract. ”

Deterrent power

Turkey in the fight against terrorism abroad while effectively carrying out Iraq, Syria, Libya and rights in the warmer regions such as the Eastern Mediterranean and does not hesitate to protect its interests. local and national technology also increases the deterrent power of the Turkish defense industry in Turkey with soldiers in the field with a multiplier effect.


Thermal technology is a technology that is not very important in the defense industry, but is of strategic importance. Thermal batteries, which can be used as the main power source in many defense industry products, are produced by a few countries in the world.


Turkey's only thermal battery developer and manufacturer of TUBITAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) these critical products R & D to design all processes to the production of all kinds of tests undertaking as a whole.


Minister Varank stated that TÜBİTAK SAGE started to work on the development of thermal battery technology in 2002 and said, “About 250 thermal batteries have been designed so far with different technical features. 38 of these were produced and qualified in accordance with international military standards. ” said.


Underlining that the produced thermal batteries are used in national systems developed by other defense industry organizations and civil aviation industry as well as the systems developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, Minister Varank said, “The foreign dependency related to thermal batteries in the Turkish defense industry has completely disappeared with the thermal batteries developed in SAGE.” he spoke.


Explaining that SAGE has been exporting thermal batteries to many different countries as well as domestic deliveries since 2012, Varank said, “These countries include Germany, Ukraine, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. The thermal battery has great export potential. In fact, we have recently received more pre-orders from an EU country after Germany. We are at the stage of signing an important contract. It is very important that we stand out from our strong competitors and receive this pre-order. ” said.


Noting that SAGE has developed and manufactured thermal batteries, approximately 91 million dollars remain in the country, Varank said, “The economic part of the work is of course important, but on the other hand, we cannot ignore the security aspect. With these productions, we also prevented the strategic information regarding the defense of the country from going abroad. ” he spoke.


Thermal battery is a type of battery that generates electrical energy with the principle of starting electrochemical reactions by creating the ion conductivity between the anode and cathode after the electrolyte is melted to 650 ° C.


Disposable thermal batteries; missiles, guided kits, guided artillery ammunition, aircraft seat launch systems, combat aircraft emergency systems, civil aviation applications, plugs and acoustic mixers.


Thermal batteries take part in national systems developed by SAGE, Precision Guidance Kits (HGK Family), Wing Guided Kits, Navigation Missiles (SOM Family) and Air-Air Missiles (Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan) and other Turkish defense industry organizations.

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