Countdown has begun for TEKNOFEST Festival

Countdown has begun for TEKNOFEST Festival
Countdown has begun for TEKNOFEST Festival

Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology Technology Team Foundation which will be held under the leadership of Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST) to start the countdown. It is aimed to raise awareness for national technology production in TEKNOFEST 2020, which will be held for the third time this year in Gaziantep.

With the support of important institutions and companies in Turkey TEKNOFEST will be held in Gaziantep on September 24 to 27 dates. In the festival, Technology Competitions in 23 different categories ranging from aviation to automotive, agricultural technologies to simulation systems, underwater vehicles to education technologies attract great attention.


Turkey's trained in science and engineering, which aims to increase human resources in the teknofest fierce fighting in the 20 thousand 197 thousand 100 young technology team in this year's competition. A total of over 4 million TL of material support was provided to the teams that passed the pre-selection stage. The teams that compete in TEKNOFEST 2020 Gaziantep and qualify for the rankings will be awarded over 3 million TL.


This year the contest was held in 2020 TEKNOFEST technology application from Turkey's 81 provinces. The most applications were from Gaziantep with 3 thousand 891. Gaziantep was followed by Istanbul with 2 thousand 625 applications and Ankara with 117 thousand XNUMX applications.



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