How to get to TCDD Eskişehir Museum? Is the Museum Paid? Days When the Museum Is Open

TCDD Eskişehir Museum, located within the central boundaries of Tepebaşı district of Eskişehir province; In 1997, the stoves in the Eskişehir Branch 13th Chief Office were painted and exhibited in the branch office, which gave rise to the idea of ​​a museum. The museum, which was established with the materials provided by TCDD 1908st Regional Directorate and TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate, in addition to these special stoves with tulip motifs, which were ordered and built in Germany in 1, opened to visitors in 1998. The museum, established in a 106-year-old historical building on a two-acre land next to Eskişehir Train Station, takes you on a historical journey. In the garden of the museum, there are motorized and manually operated dredges, level crossings and barriers, steam vacuum truck, water tanker, rails and locomotives.

In the historical building, a model of a railway station of 5 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width and its surroundings; Steam, diesel and electric locomotives, wagons, old telegraph, telex and magneto telephones, coal mines, lamps, plates, numerous documents including Abdulhamit's decree on the construction of the Anatolian-Baghdad railway, and photographs of old railway stations and trains. .

Opening Story of the Museum

The idea of ​​opening a stove was put forward in 1998, after attracting the attention of visitors at the exhibition. The stove, which was ordered to be produced as a tulip motif for the German Government during the Ottoman Empire period and was manufactured in 1908 and used for many years, was brought from 1997 material warehouses of Eskişehir Division Chief Office in 13 and painted. After the preparations in the museum and its garden were completed, the museum was opened to the public on 1 with the materials obtained from TCDD 16.10.1998st Regional Directorate, Eskişehir Directorates and Tülomsaş General Directorate.

Address: TCDD Museum Station-Eskişehir Address: Hoşnudiye, Demirsoy Sk. No: 8, 26130 Tepebasi / Eskisehir, Turkey
Tel: + 90 222225 80 80 / 4395

The museum is open every day, except Sunday and Monday, between 08: 00-12: 00,13, 00: 17-00: XNUMX. Entrance is free.

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