Right At That Moment Photo Contest Canceled Due To Kovid-19

“Right At That Moment 1st International Eastern Express Photography Contest” was canceled due to the suspension of train services within the scope of pandemic measures.

It is said a statement from the tfsf': "Transport and Infrastructure Ministry under the auspices of TCDD Transport Inc. hosted, which will be held in AFSAD and HOSS Agency executive" Tam O 1. International Orient Express Photo Contest "for Turkey Photographic Arts Federation (TFSF) services and approval The procedures have been completed and the applications have started on 09 March 2020.

Due to the announcement of a pandemic due to Covid-19, due to the fact that the train services stopped on the aforementioned route, the competition participants did not have the chance to take photos, and we have received similar systems from the participants' returns.

For this reason, the contest was canceled due to the fact that the train services, which constitute the basis of the subject of the Photo Contest, had stopped, taking into account the contest participants who could not take photos.

Photographs and data of the participants will be deleted from the TFSF Approved Competitions system in accordance with ethical and copyright rules and they will be informed. "

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