Special Systems for Automobile Factories

Special Systems for Automobile Factories
Special Systems for Automobile Factories

BM Makina Grup, which has signed many innovative projects such as under floor lifting systems that can be realized by a limited number of companies in the world, also offers special solutions for automobile and white goods factories.

The floors in the six railway projects carried out by the lifting system for the first time the UN Machinery Group in Turkey; It was held in the maintenance workshops of the Istanbul metro, Olimpiyatköy and Ümraniye. While in the first of the projects that require sensitive work under the ground, a 4-wagon was lifted, in the last application, the 6-wagon was lifted and a system that was approximately 1,5 times larger was implemented.

Having a strong reference list with its innovative projects, BM Makina Grup also undertakes important works for the automobile industry with its different brands, wide product range and complementary product-services.


With LIFTKET and BKB Profile Systems, it realizes the installation of crane systems of automobile factories and offers exactly special solutions for them. production and direct delivery of products in Turkey is being privatized by the project.

Many of the projects they realize consist of special designs prepared for the needs of the customers. Within a project, first the project team draws the project, and after the customer approval, production begins.

It also offers solutions with the Vahle brand regarding energy transmission systems, which are indispensable for automotive factories. Demand for non-contact energy systems, which are widely used in the automotive and white goods sector, is gradually increasing.

Non-contact energy transmission system is a system that receives the energy of moving transfer cars without contact on the same line. When the equipment moves from a cable buried in the ground, it can receive its energy without contact. This system has the advantage of being easy to install. Also, because there is no contact or friction, it does not require any maintenance and thus pays for itself within a few years.

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