TÜRASAŞ Officially Began to Shrink in Sivas!

Türasaş Officially Began to Shrink in Sivas!
Türasaş Officially Began to Shrink in Sivas!

The factory, which we have written for months and which we want the people of Sivas and especially the old TÜDEMSAŞ new TÜRASAŞ employees to think about, has experienced a development that can be called "look we told you".

While it was learned that Sivas Regional Director Atanur Karadağ is currently in Ankara on the subject, it was learned that around 100 personnel of TÜRASAŞ General Directorate working in Sivas will be sent from Sivas to the Ankara TÜRASAŞ General Directorate.

This development, which is the second important sign after the first sign that the factory will shrink with the closure of the General Directorate and the making of the Regional Directorate, also revealed the fear of "I wonder if it will get even smaller" in the following months.

While it is estimated that the Regional Director Karadağ, who has been working day and night without sleep for the future of the factory since he took office, will include some of the former senior executives, who do not want to be in Sivas, many names from Ankara want to turn this situation into an opportunity and It is also stated that he wants to move to Ankara and go.

In addition, it is learned that many names living in office rooms or lodgings in TÜRASAŞ Sivas are living as if nothing has happened yet, while some sensitive names are also among the news that they want empty parcels and boxes from their surroundings.

Source: Great Sivas News

Günceleme: 27/08/2020 12:32

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