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Sivas Education Center was first opened as a "Training Center" on 01.09.1974 and became a "Practical Art School" within the body of TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate with the decision of TCDD Board of Directors dated 30.07.1979 and numbered 37/840.

The Applied Art School was closed on 08.06.1990 with the decision of the TCDD Board of Directors after its last students graduated.

With the decision of the TCDD Board of Directors dated 18.11.1991 and numbered 28/411, it was reopened as the “Guest House Directorate” in order to facilitate the continuous participation of the children of the personnel working under difficult conditions. to high schools and their equivalents. Then, with the decision of the TCDD Board of Directors dated 12.02.1998 and numbered 4/72, the "Guest House Directorate" was turned into a "Training Center".


Sivas Education Center continues to provide training services on a total area of ​​8000 square meters, as a closed area of ​​2 3,000 square meters, and 2 and 5000 square meters of open space surrounded by 2 walls.


The food and accommodation needs of the personnel participating in the training programs are met by the Directorate. The Training Center has 64 rooms with a capacity of 18 people. There is also a 150-seat dining hall.


There is a hall, gym, library and garden for the participants who spend time outside of their education and working hours.

There are 2 First Aid Training Classes, 1 RID Training Class and 4 separate classrooms in the Training Center, prepared according to the content of the training programs. Our classes are designed for adult education and are equipped with computers, presentation devices, sound systems and various equipment. Practical trainings in training programs are carried out at Sivas Station and surrounding areas.


 Class  Capacity
 1 st Class  30
 2 nd Class  30
 3 rd Class  20
 4 th Classroom (RID Training)  20
 5 inches Class  20
 First Aid Training Class  20
 First Aid Training Class

nd Class

 Total  145

There is a First Aid Training Center within the Training Center, and first aid training activities are carried out inside and outside the institution.


  • Address: Sivas Railway Examination and Training Center Directorate Kadıburhanettin Mahallesi Lojmanlar Sokak No: 6/1 Center / SİVAS
  • Mobilephone: + 90 346221 07 25
  • Fax: + 90 346221 07 24
  • e-mail:

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