Signalization System for 8 Intersections in Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality has established a signaling system at the newly opened intersections of the city in order to regulate traffic flow and facilitate pedestrian crossings.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation has completed the signaling system that it has started at 8 different intersections to prevent possible accidents and to ensure the safety of pedestrians at intersections where traffic flow is intense.

Solar Powered Mobile Signalization System on Atatürk Street (Old Emirgan) in Haliliye in the city center of Şanlıurfa, New Auto Galericiler Site in Eyyübiye, Mouth and Dental Hospital in Karaköprü, Promenade Road Junction and Forest Road Junction, Animal Bazaar Junction in Viranşehir, Siverek The signaling system installed in Şivan Perver (Modernization) intersections is compatible with the smart intersection system and is controlled from a single center.

In addition, the Department of Transportation, which works on 5 mini-intersections in the Traffic Education Park, aims to install the signaling system in 20 different points. In this way, it will be ensured that vehicles and pedestrians pass safely at intersections.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation teams, on the other hand, provide the maintenance, repair and continuity of 75 intersections throughout the city, providing the maintenance, repair and continuity of 68 image monitoring cameras in the city center.



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