Russia's first female locomotive mechanic to be 21-year-old Sofia Dorofeyeva

Sofia's first female engine driver in Russia will be Sofia dorofeyeva
Photo: Sputniknews

The Russian Railways (RZhD) company announced for the first time in the country that a young woman will become a locomotive driver.

In Russia, women are only allowed to work as machinists by 2021.

SputniknewsAccording to the news in; “RZhD Deputy General Manager Oleg Valinskiy, in his statement to the company 'Gudok', emphasized that at least 3 years of assistant to be a machinist in order to become a machinist candidate,“ A young person who completed the profession of the locomotive machinist for the first time in our country, Moscow Railways and City Transport College. the woman will perform. The first machinist woman will be 21-year-old Sofia Dorofeyeva. ”

Explaining that Dorofeyeva received a 2-year education and that the education consisted of theoretical and practical lessons, Valinskiy explained the experience of the young woman. kazanHe will start working as an electric multiple unit (EMU) assistant mechanic on January 1, 2021 and then gain the necessary experience. kazanHe said that he would work as a machinist after his graduation.

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