Pedals Rotate at GranFondo Bursa

Pedals Rotate at GranFondo Bursa
Pedals Rotate at GranFondo Bursa

Granfondo Bursa International Bicycle Race, which is the first international bicycle race of our country with social distancing and increased health measures, started with the participation of around 2 thousand amateur and professional bicycle enthusiasts.

GranFondo, the long road cycling races organized in Europe with wide participation and open to all licensed or unlicensed cyclists, started in Bursa on 30 August Victory Day. Under the auspices of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and under the communication sponsorship of Turkcell, GranFondo Bursa International Bicycle Race, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor Club, was attended by around 76.7 thousand amateur and professional cycling enthusiasts in 102.8 different categories, with a short track of 5 kilometers and a long track of 2 kilometers. After coronavirus in accordance with the rules from Turkey's social and health measures improved the Granfondo first international cycling race in Bursa, the athletes made out of broken line at the start.

"It will contribute to cycling"

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat and Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş gave the start of the races that started in front of the National Garden. Wishing success to all athletes participating in the race, Governor Canbolat stated that the race held on August 30 Victory Day had a different meaning.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they are happy to host bicycle enthusiasts in Bursa, the city of beauty that founded the Ottoman Empire. President Aktaş stated that the race, which was held with the motto 'Feel the victory in your heart and the power on your pedal', was the first organization of the pandemic process and said, “I thank everyone who contributed to the organization of the races. Races will have a positive effect on the increase in the use of bicycles both in Bursa and in our country. We contributed to the organization as the Metropolitan Municipality and Belediyespor. I also thank all our sponsors and supporters. I wish success to the athletes participating in the race ”.

Later, Mayor Aktaş and Governor Canbolat visited the expo area set up in the Millet Garden, sohbet He.

The cyclists passing through Altıparmak and Osmangazi will also complete the track in Bursa Public Garden. GranFondo Bursa is held in 5 categories: short race, long race, paralympic short race, paralympic long race and national long race.



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