A Free World Is Possible: Couple Traveling

A Free World Is Possible: Couple Traveling
A Free World Is Possible: Couple Traveling

Burak Aykurt (29) - Buse Ayrancıoğlu Aykurt (26), who adopts the life philosophy of “always return to the sun”, is a couple who enjoy and enjoy life by proving that there is a free world in the air, land, water and online environment.

Burak and Buse in their Instagram accounts (Ciftgeziy is) offers people the opportunity and inspiration to explore unexplored places by sharing the places they have visited. The couple, who shares the places they have seen, detailed information about the camp and nature with their followers, has a considerable audience. So much so that their followers host them in every city they visit. Having good relations with his followers, the couple either takes local people around or helps them get to know the culture of the region by offering them local foods. The couple who are also followers from abroad, Turkey is of the utmost beauty is the occasion to show the many tourists coming to our country!

Respect for Nature

Burak and Buse, who live in Istanbul, spend most of their time in nature, unlike the metropolis people who long for green and blue in today's living conditions. The Buse-Burak couple, who create and adopt their life philosophy with the inspiration they take from nature, do not only travel and learn about new cultures. It also contributes to the nature in which they live during cultural exchange.

The couple, who feeds street animals during their trips, returning their inspiration from nature to nature, organizes a garbage collection event in their region and wipes the footprints of visitors who harm nature from the region. By sharing these moments with their followers on their Instagram.com/Ciftgeziyor accounts, they both refer to a social responsibility and invite people to these events.

Their Work Does Not Prevent Them

Burak and Buse's profession E-Commerce Expertise. The couple, who is also a Social Media Specialist, also read Software Engineering and make a name in many areas related to their work. Burak, who aims to develop the people who do this business with them, gives E-Commerce training in places such as Chambers of Commerce and Exporters Union. The aim of the couple is to carry out their work completely online, not to be separated from the nature they are used to and to continue their lives in this way.

"It is Possible to Contribute to Nature"

The Aykurt couple, who postponed their wedding to 19 due to Covid-2021, showed everyone that it is possible to contribute to nature by distributing saplings to their guests in their wedding ceremonies. Burak and Buse, who offer them saplings that their guests can plant instead of classic wedding candies or gifts that harm the nature, leave a lasting memory in everyone's life.

The couple, who is planning to hold their wedding in 2021, dreams of a wedding with camps, which, unlike ordinary weddings, carries traces of them and is focused on freedom and love. The couple is waiting for the year 2021 for their camp wedding with their loved ones.

Searching for Sponsors for World Tour

Many people who inspire and share the places they go and see the pages of inspiring excitement by following the pair are also many foreign tourists coming to Turkey. The couple, who enjoy traveling as a couple from their love for each other and having a pleasant time with each other, recommends these experiences to everyone and shares them on their pages.

The couple, who has been instrumental in the arrival of many foreign tourists to our country and shares every detail of their trips with their followers through social media, is among the future goals of the couple, and the search for sponsors continues.

Improving Yourself and Your Environment

As a professional engaged in scuba diving and snorkeling in Turkey which performs many points and John Buse's also Drone Commercial Licenses in mevcut.burak slopes was also a licensed pilot and Professional Chess Player Paras.

Burak-Buse Couple, who shared educational information about camping and nature life through their Instagram accounts, and shared the culture of the places they visited. https://www.instagram.com/Ciftgeziyor/Just look at his account!

An apologetic world is possible, the couple is traveling


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