Professional Work Date of Teachers Has Been Determined

The Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, held a meeting with the national education directors of 81 provinces to evaluate the final preparations for the new academic year and the working strategies for the new academic year.

At the meeting, Selçuk stated that the central organization of the Ministry will not leave the provinces alone, and that the directors of the Ministry will work on the determination and supply of the needs in the field and that they will strengthen the cooperation on the opening of the schools by informing the Scientific Committee.

In the meeting held online with a wide participation, including Deputy Minister Mustafa Safran and general managers working in the central organization, Minister Selçuk; The preparations for the new academic year, the professional development studies of the teachers that will start on August 24, and the activities carried out within the scope of the measures against the epidemic in the provinces.

The Ministry of Health together with the whole world, the course of and provinces epidemic Turkey, indicating constantly monitor Ministers Selcuk, students in 2020-2021 education, teachers, parents and the whole community, Erdogan Prime Minister Recep Tayyip for continuing education activities by giving priority to health and the entire cabinet He stated that a road map was created with the opinions of its members, and that every precaution was taken to reduce the risks.

Stating that the priority issue of teachers' professional work to be carried out as of August 24 is “how to ensure the adaptation of children when face-to-face training begins”, Selçuk said, “On which day teachers will play which game and how they will internalize this harmony… We will have preparations for this.” he spoke.
Underlining that teachers who are competent in the field will work as “Distance Education Officers” in order to manage the problems that may arise regarding digital education in every school, Selçuk also stated that a responsibility sharing will also be made in ensuring hygiene conditions.

taking into account the world experience of Turkey-specific standards created to record the Minister Selcuk, the words continued as follows: "All of our teachers and we're heading towards a continuous professional development approach. We have worked on how each lesson can be delivered with distance education, and we are doing so. We have no fanaticism about the decisions we make. We can apply whichever makes sense, whichever has high pedagogical value. We are open to any suggestions from you. Be sure, we received thanks from everywhere for the distance education activities we conducted in the past period. The support of each of you is very important. "

Minister Selçuk also gave information about the studies on the EBA Support Point, which is being prepared for students with access to distance education, and shared the information that studies are carried out with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for students who do not have devices or internet at home or do not have internet infrastructure in their places of residence.

Reminding that 2000 inspectors were trained within the scope of the "My School Clean Certificate" activities carried out with the Turkish Standards Institute, Minister Selçuk added that in this process, studies were carried out with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to employ more cleaning personnel in schools.

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