MOTAŞ Continues Disinfection Works

MOTAŞ Continues Disinfection Works
MOTAŞ Continues Disinfection Works

Epidemic measures are strictly implemented by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Inc. (MOTAŞ) in public transportation vehicles. In addition to public transportation, disinfectant works are also carried out at stops and ticket offices.

Stating that they carry out cleaning and disinfection works on public transportation vehicles on a daily basis in Malatya, MOTAŞ General Manager Cemal Erkoç noted that they carry out the necessary procedures at stops and ticket sales offices with high human density.

Stating that they have strengthened their vehicle fleet with the 20 buses they have recently purchased, Erkoç said, "Our aim is to provide better quality and more comfortable service to our citizens."

Noting that they cleaned the vehicles on a daily basis and presented them to the expedition, Erkoç said, “We do disinfection every day both in our trams and buses. Again, we carry out the necessary cleaning and disinfection works at our stops ”.

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