Fire Out in Metrobus! The Vehicle is Scrapped!


Istanbul has returned from the brink of disaster. While traveling and full of passengers, the Metrobus set off from the İncirli stop and caught fire for an unspecified reason when it was about to arrive at the Merter stop at 11.10 am. While the passengers threw themselves out in panic, some passengers could not contain tears in fear.

The fire was extinguished in a short time with the intervention of the firefighters to the vehicle, which returned to the fireball. D-100 Ankara direction was closed to traffic for a while, vehicles were directed to the side road. Due to fire, both on metrobus flights and Kabataş- Bagcilar tram services were disrupted.

Citizens were removed from the environment of the fire by the police teams who came to the scene. As of 12.00:XNUMX, metrobus services returned to normal. There was no one who died or injured in fire.

In addition, in the statement made on the official Twitter account of Metro Istanbul; “Kabataş- The trips on the Bağcılar tram line have returned to normal. We wish you a good trip ... "expressions were used

Günceleme: 12/04/2023 08:03

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