Mersin residents are pleased to travel with female drivers

Under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, who has said that he will discriminate women at every opportunity since the day he took office, and clearly demonstrated this in his practices, women also had a say in urban transportation. Women drivers, who work under the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and successfully complete the voyages in the city, now carry passengers on difficult highland roads. Metropolitan, 5 female driver in Turkey was commissioned as a first line in a rural neighborhood. Women who do their job fondly and with hope are steering the high parts of the city.

Metropolitan's female drivers turned to the plateaus

The female drivers of the Metropolitan Municipality carry passengers on the narrow, inclined and ramped roads of Gözne, Ayvagediği, Arslanköy, Bekiralani and Civanyaylağı neighborhood lines. The female driver was first nominated for a rural neighborhood in Turkey both happy, and proud. 5 female drivers, who are in love with their profession, do justice to the sentence "There is no job that a woman cannot accomplish." The female drivers, who said that they received positive reactions from the residents of the neighborhood and were very happy about this, also broke the idea that only male drivers can be employed in rural neighborhood lines.

"A very nice to be the first in Turkey"

Female driver of the Sultan Yuksel, since rural neighborhood to embark on a journey voicing get a very good response, "in Mersin, a first in Turkey to be really nice. I work for Soğucak-Bekiralani plateau. I am very happy to work in the village. It is very nice to prove to people that there is nothing women cannot do ”.

"There is nothing women cannot do"

Zekiye Murat, one of the female chauffeurs who stated that she loves her job, said, “The village people react better when they see the women, they smile. Our dialogue with them was also different. I would like to thank our President Vahap Seçer. This paved the way for us. We think that we are the first in Turkey. "There is nothing women cannot do," he said.

"Years had passed, everything had changed, but the power of women never changed."

Melek Uysal, mother of three children, who started to work as a driver in the rural neighborhood where the school where she attended primary school, said, “I was very touched when I was passing the road under my own school. Years had passed, everything had changed, but the strength of the woman had never changed. I thank Vahap Seçer very much. I see his support for women in every unit. As a woman, I can work anywhere, in any way, in any way, by forcing the conditions. "I will do whatever it takes to keep the trust in me."

"It's nice to have a female driver in the village line"

Betül Arslankılıç, one of the female drivers, stated that she received very good reactions in the village lines as well as in the city and said, “It was more proud for women that we were on the village line rather than on the city line. It's nice to have a female driver on the village line. We thank our President for paving this way for us. “It offered us the proof that women can achieve anything, anywhere”.

Mersin residents are happy to travel with female drivers

People of Mersin emphasize that they are happy to travel with female drivers. Stating that they appreciate the opportunity for women in every field, Servet Seyit said, “Mersin is a heavenly place. Our municipality works very well. I am very satisfied. I was very happy when I saw the female driver. Women should always jump into every job. I am proud of the opportunity they gave, ”he said.

"There is a vitality in the city"

Expressing that she finds women drivers very successful, Murat Özdemir said, “Women are already superior, more successful in every job; we are glad Since Vahap Seçer took office, everything has been better. "There is a vitality in the city," he said.



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