Studies to Improve Mersin Traffic Continue

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continues its efforts to improve Mersin traffic throughout the city. The Metropolitan Municipality continues its signaling, traffic signs and horizontal and vertical marking works in all areas within its area of ​​responsibility, especially on the streets and boulevards with heavy traffic.

Signalization studies are carried out regularly

The Traffic Services Branch Directorate, serving within the Department of Transportation, regularly carries out maintenance and repair works at 245 signalized intersections.

Dynamic Junction Control System works actively at 70 intersections and the signal durations of the intersections are arranged according to the traffic density. In order to prevent traffic accidents and ensure traffic safety, a total of 2 signaling systems have been installed, 2 in Mezitli and Yenişehir districts and 4 in Tarsus.

Technical teams will continue to create a new signaling system at the intersections where heavy traffic accidents are experienced and the number of crossing traffic increases.

7 thousand 474 traffic signs were installed.

In order to reduce accidents and all negativities that may occur in traffic and to provide the best service, 1 thousand 2019 traffic signs have been installed since April 7, 474.

A road line of 1 thousand 2019 square meters has been built since April 162, 648 within the scope of horizontal and vertical marking works throughout Mersin by the Department of Transportation and Road Construction Maintenance and Repair.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams draw the road lines of the newly built asphalt roads in all 13 districts in line with their work to ensure traffic safety and guide pedestrians and drivers, while continuing to renew the damaged lines.

Günceleme: 17/08/2020 13:48

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