Why is it important to wear a mask?

Why is it important to wear a mask
Why is it important to wear a mask

It is very important to wear the mask correctly and not to touch the mask in terms of protection from Covid-19.

Underlining that the masks are not worn properly due to the hot weather, Anadolu Health Center Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Stating that wearing a mask is a social responsibility, Elif Hakko explained 3 important reasons for wearing a mask as follows:

Respect for rules, science
We don't know if we are carriers of Covid-19. People can infect this disease even if they do not show symptoms.

Kindness, empathy
We do not know whether the person we are in contact with has a child struggling with cancer or an elderly mother in their care. When we are healthy, they may not be in good health.

Community health, responsibility
We have responsibilities towards the society we live in. Taking action against Covid-19 protects us all.

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