Huge Decline in the Number of Passengers Transported by Tram in Eskişehir

Due to the pandemic, there is a big decrease in the number of passengers transported by tram, which is the most important pillar of public transportation in Eskişehir. According to ESTRAM data, the daily average number of passengers, which was 2020 in February 120, fell to 742 in April 2020. In other words, there was a 12 percent decrease in the number of passengers.

Noting that despite the decrease in revenues due to this decrease in the number of passengers, the expenses remained the same, and the increase in foreign currency significantly increased the costs and foreign loan payments and made it more difficult to maintain the service at the same quality.

The statement made by ESTRAM included the following information: “Within the scope of combating the COVID-19 pandemic process that affected the whole world and our country, many measures to be taken in public transportation in Eskişehir were determined and put into practice. Imposing a passenger transport limit up to 50% of the vehicle seat capacity, not getting on public transportation vehicles without a mask, tightening the cleaning and disinfection processes of the vehicles, putting hand disinfectants in the vehicles can be counted as some of these. These practices are meticulously followed and implemented in order to ensure that our citizens can travel healthily.

With the Decisions of the Provincial General Hygiene Board of the Ministry of Interior dated 23.03.2020, “2. Article a) specified in the vehicle license 50% of passenger carrying capacity b) It has been decided to arrange the seating of the passengers in the vehicle in such a way as to prevent the contact of the passengers with each other, such as one seat is empty in the ones next to each other, one in the back row diagonal to the front and one corridor in those in the same row, and the other on the edge of the window ”.

01.06.2020 With the Decisions of the Provincial General Hygiene Board, “3. Article b) In addition to the seat capacity in trams, considering the nature of the urban public transportation lines in our city (tram, etc.), the quality of the vehicles used for public transportation (standing and seated passenger carrying capacity), the ratio of standing passenger vehicles in total transportation and similar issues 50% of standing passenger carrying capacity It has been decided to carry up to 19 passengers, to use two seats of opposite four-seater seats, to ensure that they are seated diagonally not face to face, to make the necessary markings for standing passengers and to take the measures in the COVID-XNUMX Epidemic Management and Study Guide published by the Ministry of Health Scientific Committee. .

January 2020 3.467.902 111.868  
2020 February 3.501.511 120.742  
2020 March 2.206.801 71.187 -41%
2020 April 268.815 12.224 -90%
2020 May 254.581 15.905 -87%
2020 June 1.082.803 36.093 -70%
2020 July 1.419.943 47.331 -61%
Percentage rates of change in the number of passengers during the Pandemic Period were calculated based on the average number of passengers per day in February.

Curfew days are not included in calculating the average daily passenger..

During the COVID-2020 pandemic that started as of March 19, the decreasing number of passengers and increasing costs negatively affect the sustainability of public transportation in its current form.

As of 23.03.2020, after the curfew imposed on our citizens over 65 and under 20 with chronic illnesses and the decisions taken by the Provincial General Hygiene Board to accept passengers at the rate of 50% of the public transport capacity, ESTRAM Transportation Inc. in the month of passenger numbers%41'has decreased.

ESTRAM Transportation Inc. in April in monthly passenger numbers %90 and in May%87 a decrease has occurred.

Although there was an increase in the number of passengers compared to April and May with the normalization processes in June, again compared to February; in June %70 and in July %61 loss of passengers is observed in the ratio.


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