Unlawful Intervention to Channel Istanbul Banners

Information posters with the words "Ya Kanal or Istanbul" in the advertising areas under the property, rule and possession of the IMM were removed by the Istanbul Governorship by the police units. The transaction, which should only be carried out with a judicial decision as per the relevant legislation, was carried out without the need to initiate a legal process. Regarding the implementation of the Istanbul Governorship, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “The posters that are not divisive and destructive in accordance with the law can only be removed by court decision. Unfortunately, a handful of people are now doing whatever they want without even a judicial decision. It's a pity, very sad ”he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has placed an information poster about Kanal Istanbul in the outdoor advertising units, which are under its own property and whose locations are determined with the tender specifications, since August. The Istanbul Governorship unlawfully removed the posters positioned in these areas, although they were awarded to IMM with the contract numbered 26.11.2011 and dated 2202, which was tendered by the decision of the Municipal Council dated 916 and numbered 17-06.12.2011 and approved by the 44589th Notary of Istanbul. . The Governorship of Istanbul, which should have this authority only if it contains a separating message or decides to abolish the judiciary, carried out its application that was not based on any legitimate authority, last night.


İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu made the following statement about the action carried out by the governorship: “Our nation's informative posters about the Kanal Istanbul project, which will bring irreversible damages and great destruction to Istanbul, were unfortunately unlawfully dismantled. By law, divisive and non-destructive posters can only be removed by court order. Unfortunately, a handful of people are now doing whatever they want without even a judicial decision. Unlawfulness has become the country's biggest problem. Of course, the winner will be law and democracy in the end. Those responsible for these applications should not forget this. Even though I told our Governor yesterday that the posters would change on Friday at noon, the banners are removed at midnight as if our police had no other job. It's a pity, so sad. We will leave this process alone for the peace of the city, but we will not forget it. Our informative activities against the rent project will continue. Nobody should wait for us to sit quiet. "


IMM has 4 thousand 500 illuminated billboards and 100 megalight type outdoor advertising units. The commissioning of these areas belonging to IMM was awarded by the Municipal Council's decision dated 26.11.2011 and numbered 2202-916 and was awarded with the contract no 17 dated 06.12.2011 approved by the Istanbul 44589th Notary on behalf of the IMM.

Within the scope of this tender, there are 4 thousand150 billboards throughout Istanbul. Within the scope of the tender specifications, 4 percent of the 150 billboard type advertising applications were allocated to the use of IMM free of charge. In addition, the usage rights of 20 billboards are also available at IMM. Within the scope of this contractual right, announcements, advertisements and announcements of public service activities that IMM deems appropriate are placed in the said areas.



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