Cooperation for Pilotage Training in the Heart of Istanbul

Piloting the past year undergraduate program to realize, 25.000 with more student hosts Bahçeşehir University with the agreement signed between the AFA-Atlantic Flight Academy, UAE Piloting Students, Turkey's uniform and the youngest trainer aircraft fleet with a single flight academy that Atlantic He starts his training at the Flight Academy. BAU Pilotage Students, who will start their flight training with their factory-made aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft with the Glass Cockpit concept with High Technology, will continue their training at Tekirdağ Çorlu Atatürk Airport and Balıkesir Edremit Kocaseyit Airport.

Bahçeşehir University, which was founded with the motto "A World University in the Heart of Istanbul", has 9 faculties, 4 institutes, 2 schools and 2 vocational schools. Bahçeşehir University, which is also a member of BAU Global Education Network, is preparing to offer new opportunities to young people who want to be a pilot with innovations for Pilotage training in the heart of Istanbul with different projects within the scope of this cooperation.

Many professionally trained personnel have been the solution partner of Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines' piloting training program since the day it was founded. kazandıran AFA continues its training with 4 Daimond DA40-NG, 15 Diamond DA20-C1, 2 Diamond DA2-NG aircraft with its factory-made Diamond Aircraft production aircraft, ALSIM brand state-of-the-art Simulators, and its young and dynamic staff. AFA, which will add 2020 Diamond DA1-NG and 40 Diamond DA2-C20 aircraft to its fleet at the end of 1, will continue to expand its fleet with 2021 more Diamond Aircraft-manufactured, factory-equipped, cockpit-concept aircraft by the end of 3.

With the academic experience of BAU and the dynamism of AFA, thanks to this great collaboration that is in the heart of Istanbul, not only the students of the Pilotage undergraduate program, but also the other students who continue their education at BAU have opened the door to Aviation. In addition to the trainings to be offered in our country today, as the global need increases, effective and dynamic pilot training programs will come to the fore and contribute to the pilot training processes.

Istanbul's heart in a world Ünviersite of Turkey's most dynamic flight between UAE and the school as a result of this cooperation will be signed AFA shared beliefs major projects.

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