England London Signaling Upgrade Work Completed

Siemens Mobility UK UK London completed Hither Green Signaling Upgrade. With this major project worth 250 million British pounds, London's south east signaling was completely renewed. The project, which was put into operation after final acceptance, manages the signaling between the London Center and Kent cities.

With this new signaling, security in the train operation was increased and a more environmentally friendly management system was taken. Funded by Network Rail, this program has become one of the largest signaling upgrade projects in Europe. The project, which was delayed a little with the COVID-19 outbreak, will be expanded by Network Rail among other lines.

Siemens Mobility replaced the old signaling equipment of the 1970s with modern technologies - the Trackguard Westlock computer-based lockout and the Westrace Trackside system. Green previously interacted with the solid-state lock, while Bromley North had a remote relay lock.

It is now possible for 3-car trains to stop on platform 12 in Grove Park. There is also the option to make a comeback at Hither Green, Grove Park, and Lee, which means trains can return in case of delays or engineering work.

With more than 21 stages in two years, Siemens Mobility installed 58 signals - 50 new and 8 reused ones and replaced the existing track circuits with 254 axle counter heads, resulting in more reliable train detection.

All voice and data Telecom circuits have moved from the old infrastructure to the new FTN / x copper and fiber cables along the route. A new workstation is being added to the Three Bridges Rail Operating Center to allow signalers to use the new lineside phones.

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