Second-hand car traders Attention! The New Era Has Begun

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan made evaluations about the "Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Trade of Second Hand Motor Vehicles" published in the Official Gazette today.

Pekcan emphasized that the regulation was prepared in order to ensure that the second-hand vehicle trade is carried out under fair competition conditions, in an easy, fast and safe environment, as well as to ensure a healthy functioning of the sector, and stated that the opinions and contributions of all relevant parties were received in this context.

Pekcan stated that the transition period, which was envisaged for the companies currently operating to obtain authorization certificates and was extended twice before, was not extended this time and said, "Businesses that trade second-hand motor vehicles and have not received the authorization certificate until today are required to obtain an authorization certificate by 31 August 2020." said.

Minister Pekcan stated that, unless the Ministry of Commerce determines otherwise, sales of more than 3 vehicles within a calendar year will be considered commercial activities and unregistered commercial activities will be followed and sanctioned.

When calculating the number of vehicles which are sold, Turkey Notaries same person both on behalf of its own that would Pekcan describing the basis of data received from the Union drew attention both to take account of all sales made by proxy.

Pekcan pointed out that the license to open a business and work has been added to the conditions sought in the issuance of authorization, and said, “Now, businesses that do not have a business license and work license for second hand motor vehicle trade will not be given a license. In addition, the obligations imposed on the municipalities and the enterprises for which a license for the trade of second hand motor vehicles has been issued will be monitored by our Ministry and the enterprises operating without a license will be determined. " said.

Pekcan said, "We aim to eliminate unfair competition in second-hand motor vehicle trade, prevent artificial price increases and informality with these regulations, which are of great importance in order to protect the rights of businesses operating in accordance with the legislation and are also requested by these enterprises."

Pointing out that the bureaucracy was also reduced in the issuance and renewal of the authorization certificate with the regulation, Pekcan said, "While two separate workplace controls have been carried out by both municipalities and provincial trade directorates, from now on, this control will only be done by the municipalities before the license is issued." used the expression.

Underlining that there is no need to apply for renewal for the authorization certificates, which were previously issued and whose validity period was stated to be 5 years, Pekcan stated that the authorization certificates issued by the Ministry will now be valid until they are canceled in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.

Pekcan stated that the Ministry of Commerce will impose an administrative fine on businesses that violate the provisions of the Regulation, and that the authorization certificates of businesses that do not eliminate or repeat the contradiction despite the warning will be canceled.

Pekcan said that by this means, it will contribute to increase the service quality and prevent consumer grievances and the sector will be purified from businesses that do not operate in accordance with the legislation.

Pointing out that businesses that advertise for second-hand motor vehicle trade will have to include the authorization certificate number in all their advertisements and use the business name or title in the authorization certificate, Pekcan continued: “In addition, misleading information and documents will not be included in the advertisements. An administrative fine will be imposed by the Ministry of Commerce to businesses that do not comply with these obligations, and the authorization certificate of the enterprise may be canceled.

On the other hand, advertisement sites where vehicle sales announcements of enterprises are published; businesses that do not have a certificate of authorization will not be able to become members, will effectively conclude the requests and complaints regarding the announcements and will forward the information regarding the announcements to the Ministry. There is no restriction on second-hand vehicle advertisements of our citizens, which are not within the scope of commercial activities, and these advertisements will continue to be posted as before. These rules, which were introduced for advertisement sites, will enter into force on January 1, 2021.

Thanks to the regulations made, unfair competition and consumer grievances caused by unauthorized and deceptive advertisements are prevented, while commercial activities without authorization will be followed by the Ministry and punished. "

On the other hand, Pekcan stated that the appraisal report will need to be received within three days before the sale, and noted that if the appraisal report is not received within this period, it will be treated as if the report was not received.

Underlining that it is mandatory to use the "Secure Payment System" in cash payments in the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles, Pekcan said, "Thanks to the Secure Payment System, fraud, fraudulent activities and theft risks in vehicle purchase and sale will be eliminated, money transfers are made quickly and easily and to be provided under. In addition, time, labor and cost advantages will be created for all parties with a modern, safe and technological infrastructure; At the same time, it will contribute to reducing informality by recording the transactions and providing reliable data to public authorities. " He spoke in the form.

Pekcan stated that the enterprises that were previously given authorization certificates were given until 30 June 2021, saying, “The companies that have previously been given authorization certificates by our Ministry will have their business and working licenses for second-hand motor vehicle trade and the relevant workplace in the Regulation on Business and Work Licenses. They must transfer the document showing that they meet the requirements to the Second Hand Motor Vehicles Information System (IETTS) until June 30, 2021. If the obligation is not fulfilled until this date, the authorization certificates of these enterprises will be canceled. " said.

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