Guaranteed Sale Period for Second Hand Mobile Phones and Tablets

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that, with the new regulation prepared by the ministry and reaching the final stage, mobile phones and tablets, which are frequently traded in the second-hand market, can be renewed to a certain standard and be offered for sale in a certified and guaranteed manner.

In his written statement, Pekcan made an assessment regarding the regulation of the Ministry of Commerce for the "sale of renewed products".

Pointing to the importance of the regulation in question, Pekcan said, "With the regulation, we aim to bring technological products that have not yet expired into the economy, to prevent waste and damage to the environment, to reduce imports, and to ensure that consumers buy second-hand devices at a more affordable price." used the expressions.

Noting that the regulation will ensure that consumers act safely when buying and selling second-hand products, Pekcan said:

“In the current situation, we see that there is informality and insecurity especially in the second hand mobile phone market. We want to eliminate this situation and ensure that consumers buy these products safely and at a lower cost than zero products. The draft regulation we have prepared will constitute the legal infrastructure of the "renewed product" system in our country. In this way, our consumers will be able to act safely while selling used technological products or buying second-hand products. He will also be able to use his rights arising from the warranty when he has a problem with the refurbished product he purchased.

"At least 12 months warranty will be mandatory"

Pekcan stated that used mobile phones and tablets can be renewed according to a certain standard by ministry-approved refurbishment centers, and can be resold in a certified and guaranteed manner.

Emphasizing that the renewal centers that will operate by obtaining a "Renewal Authorization Certificate" from the Ministry can create "buyer" and "seller" channels working under them to buy used products and sell renewed products, Pekcan said, "The packaging, label and advertisements of renewed products include the phrase 'renewed product'. It will be obligatory to put them on the market and to give at least 12 months warranty for these products. " gave the information.

Minister Pekcan stated that the opinions and evaluations of the relevant institutions and organizations have been received in the draft regulation and that the said regulation will be implemented soon.

Günceleme: 17/08/2020 13:23

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