New Circular from the Ministry of Interior on Engagement, Wedding and Beach Regions

new circular from the Ministry of the Interior on April and Weddings
new circular from the Ministry of the Interior on April and Weddings

A circular on Engagement / Wedding, Wedding, Coastal Regions Inspections was sent by the Ministry of Interior to 81 provincial governorships.

From the moment the Covid-19 epidemic was seen, many measures were taken to manage the risk posed by the epidemic in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to protect the distance and to control the rate of spread in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It was reminded that the decision was taken and implemented.

In the Circular, it was pointed out that in the controlled social life period, the basic principles of cleaning, mask and distance rules, as well as compliance with the precautions / rules determined for all business lines and living areas, and the supervision activities carried out in coordination of governors / district governors are of great importance for the success of the fight against the epidemic.

On the other hand, due to the events such as engagements / weddings, which increase due to the summer months, or the density of tourism resorts in the coastal regions, citizens come together more frequently, the rules and precautions are not complied from time to time, and this situation is very contagious. It was stated that the Covid 19 epidemic increased the rate of spread.

In the Circular, on Friday, August 7, Saturday, August 8 and Sunday, August 9; wedding, engagement, henna night, circumcision wedding, etc. It was stated that audits will be made in organizations.

In this context; All kinds of events such as weddings, engagements, henna nights, circumcision weddings (wedding halls, country weddings, village / street weddings, etc.) to be held in all provinces and districts, and the Ministry of Health Epidemic Work and Management Guide and the coranavirus measures taken with the circulars previously sent to the governorships. to look up.

In audits for events such as weddings, engagements, henna nights, circumcision weddings, it will be checked in detail whether the citizens who are participating, and the organizers (if it is a salon wedding, the operators, if the village / street weddings, the wedding owner) comply with their obligations. .

Coastal Regions Will Also Be Inspected

Citizens can be found together in a crowded tourist resort in coastal regions; beaches, party-style entertainment places (beach club etc.) on the beaches, restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, etc. that can turn into entertainment places especially from the evening hours. businesses, the Ministry of Health's Epidemic Work and Management Guide and the coronavirus measures determined by the circulars previously sent. The inspections will be planned to include marine vehicles such as boats and yachts that can be used for the same purposes and can be carried out from the sea if necessary. During the inspections, civilian clothes will be preferred so as not to disturb domestic and foreign tourists.

Considering the expertise of each business line or location of the inspection teams, the relevant public institutions and organizations (law enforcement, local administrations, provincial / district directorates, etc.) will be determined to be composed of village / neighborhood mukhtars and representatives of professional chambers.

The effectiveness and visibility of audit activities will be kept at the highest level. During the inspections, guiding and awareness-raising activities for the citizens in these environments will be emphasized.

In the enterprises, which have been warned by detecting violations of the rules at least twice before or have been imposed administrative fines, in case of detecting violations during these inspections, a penalty of suspension of activity for 30.07.2020-1 days will be applied according to the provisions of the circular sent to the provinces on 3.

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