The painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, purchased by IMM, returned to its home

The painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, purchased by IMM, returned to its home
The painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, purchased by IMM, returned to its home

İBB had bought the original painting commissioned by the Italian painter Gentile Bellini by Mehmet the Conqueror, who conquered Istanbul in 1453, at an auction held on 1480 June, at the world-famous Christie's hall in London. The painting, which entered the agenda of the city and the country, returned to where it belonged after a period of 25 months. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIn a statement he made in front of the Saraçhane building, he expressed his feelings, “The painting has actually returned to its home. We are excited to share this beautiful work with the people of Istanbul and all of Turkey, in the most organized and organized way," he said.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet invited the Italian painter Gentile Bellini, who lived between 1429-1507, to Istanbul in 1479. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who wanted to be sure of Bellini's talent before allowing him to paint his portrait, had the artist draw pictures of different people in the palace. Thus, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who was sure of the talents of the Italian painter, started to have the artist draw his own portraits. The painting, which was made by Bellini in 1480 and is the only portrait of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror with another person, was put up for sale at the world-famous Christie's hall in London, England.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Mayor's Advisor and the institution at the auction sözcüMurat Ongun and Head of Foreign Relations Department Mehmet Alkanalka. Ongun and Alkanka attended the auction by phone. One of the most striking pieces of the auction, where 226 works were put up for auction, the artwork was put up for auction at 250 thousand pounds. The auction, which started with approximately 500 participants, witnessed a breakthrough increase. At the auction, 6-7 buyers went up to £ 550 thousand. After this figure, the stage was left to IMM and an undisclosed receiver. The winner of the increase made for the historical table was IMM, which reached the band of 770 thousand pounds. So; Turkey and the statements of historical importance for Istanbul, many years after it was re-opened the path to the homeland to return to.

After the necessary procedures were carried out, IMM Cultural Heritage Head Mahir Polat went to London on 8 August with his delegation to receive the work. The table was examined by Polat and accompanying experts before it was received. IMM delegation returned to Turkey on 12 August. Fatih's portrait was also delivered to the specialist cargo company by the auction house on 20 August. The painting, which reached Istanbul on the night of 20 August, reached the IMM's headquarters in Saraçhane at 14.55, after the customs procedures were completed.

Speaking to reporters at the entrance of the building, İmamoğlu said, “The painting has turned into a home. Our proud. Now he needs to rest in the special section prepared for him. I hope we will make a plan on Friday, before or after the Friday prayer. Here we will share their images with the press. Again in Saraçhane, we will meet with Istanbulites at the people's house. Our work continues as soon as possible. The most organized, the most regular shape with the people of Istanbul, Turkey and we are excited to share all this beautiful work, "he said.

The table, which was taken in with a special team and packaging, was stored in an area with the necessary technical features. Sharing technical information about the storage of the painting, Head of Cultural Heritage Department Polat said:
“Private high security. High security glass system protected against both fire and all kinds of vandalism. We have a warehouse behind it. Our warehouse is a high quality secure warehouse. It's actually a warehouse like a showcase. Climate, heat, humidity; provides all the conditions. A fully insulated room with zero air passage. Its relation with the fire system is complete. Its lighting is at a level that does not damage the work. We have a storage area of ​​international standards. "

Considered among the most important paintings of Gentile Bellini and painted with oil on canvas, the width is 33,4; its height is 45,4 centimeters. The date that was noted in Latin letters in the lower right corner of the painting is November 25, 1480. The second person in the portrait of Fatih Sultan Mehmet is still unknown. According to Sara Plumby, who is in charge of Islamic and Hindu Artworks at Christie's auction hall, there are two different theories about who the person in the painting is. The first is that the second figure is one of the three sons of the sultan. However, the second person in the table. The small age difference between him and Mehmet refutes this claim. The owners of the other claim, on the basis of the fact that the figure in the painting is white and shaved, claims that he is a Western person.

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