IMM Launches a Cycling and Walking Campaign Against Covid-19

Public transportation in hygiene and work continues uninterrupted, the IMM for the protection of social distance, Turkey WRI Sustainable Cities is launching a campaign for short journeys with the cooperation and support of the Partnership for Healthy Cities. The project, which suggests cycling and walking in close distances, envisions increasing confidence in public transportation and reducing the use of individual vehicles.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), WRI's Sustainable Cities cooperation and Turkey Healthy Cities Partnership (The Partnership for Healthy Cities) with the support of an alternative campaign for transportation is preparing to implement.

The project, which aims to increase the use of sustainable transportation types in Istanbul during the COVID-19 process, is also a Creative Commons platform. (a non-profit organization that allows the sharing and reuse of creativity and knowledge with the free legal tools it provides) will present a road map in different languages ​​to the whole world.

In the normalization process after COVID-19, it is aimed to direct Istanbulites to active modes of transportation such as cycling and walking instead of individual motor vehicles. In addition, it aims to raise awareness of Istanbul residents to consider active transportation at close distances in order to rebuild their trust in public transport. The designs of the campaign will soon become visible in various channels and meet with Istanbulites.

Stating that they took the necessary hygiene and distance measures in all public transportation vehicles in Istanbul during the COVID-19 epidemic process, IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan said, "However, these importance will be more efficient, it will be possible for Istanbulites to increase their awareness of alternative transportation types that they can prefer on short-distance journeys." .

Stating that the importance of walking and cycling is increasing, Cihan stated that the need for information on the subject is more than ever, and that the campaign to be launched aims to convey the most accurate and healthy information to Istanbulites.

Speaking about Turkey WRI Sustainable Cities Project Director Dr. Güneş Cansiz also said that their aim is to direct Istanbulites, who tend to use private vehicles with the COVID-19 epidemic, to healthy alternatives such as cycling and walking.

Lifeless; “With this project, we will also draw attention to what they should pay attention to if they use public transportation. working to create a more livable cities and sustainable transport-related with many projects in Turkey as a signatory WRI Sustainable Cities, a project we're excited to spend more lives in Istanbul. We believe that the project will make a significant contribution to Istanbul residents who have had tough times due to the pandemic ”.

IMM became a member of Healthy Cities Partnership at the end of 2019. Healthy Cities Partnership focusing solely on preventing noncommunicable diseases and injuries; expanding its scope of work in the increasingly deepening COVID-19 public health crisis, it has started to support 70 cities with its members worldwide so that they can respond quickly during the epidemic. Since 2017, the Healthy Cities Partnership has been supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and collaborates with the World Health Organization and the global health organization Vital Strategies.

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for city governments to be at the forefront of response, the Healthy Cities Partnership provides technical support in four areas to cities that are members of the epidemic. In addition to technical support, it provides a platform to share information, tools and best practices to support local efforts in combating the epidemic. Within the scope of this call, Healthy Cities Partnership; Turkey is the only member of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey WRI Sustainable Cities in counseling techniques, "Risk Communication and Public Information Campaign" provides support within the scope.

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