Hyundai Wins Future Mobility Awards

hyundai wins future mobility awards
hyundai wins future mobility awards

Hyundai Motor Company won the 6 Future Mobility Award (FMOTY) with its HDC-2020 NEPTUNE and e-scooter. The awards, which were given in 2019 by the Korea Advanced Science and Technology Institute (KAIST) Department of Green Transportation, give a special meaning to concept vehicles that shape the future in terms of mobility.

FMOTY awarded the hydrogen powered fuel cell truck concept HDC-6 NEPTUNE in the "Public and Commercial" category and the e-scooter in the "Personal" category. The awards are given by the votes of 11 jury members, including the best automotive journalists from 16 countries. Hyundai was evaluated in three categories out of a total of 71 concepts, many of which were introduced at international auto shows.

Unveiled at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show last November, the HDC-6 NEPTUNE was inspired by the iconic Art Deco railroad trains of the 1930s.

The e-scooter, introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2017, is considered a good option for future vehicles. As the name suggests, the electric scooter will be integrated into the vehicles and will be able to recharge itself to ensure its mobility.

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