Face Lift in One Session with HIFU

I guess you no longer hear that ultrasound is a very reliable method that has been used in medicine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes for years. Hifu (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), that is, high intensity focused ultrasound, is one of the most frequently preferred medical device applications for facial rejuvenation.

Focused ultrasound is a method used for non-surgical facelift, eyebrow lifting and jowl recovery, as well as a method that can be safely applied to body contours, especially in arm and abdominal sagging, inner thighs and above the knees.

Face Lift with HIFU

Focused ultrasound In its application, the skin surface is not affected by the process. Conditions such as peeling, wound, scab do not occur. The stimulation under the skin triggers the formation of new collagen thanks to special heads that can go into different depths. Although it varies from patient to patient, the level of pain and pain is not unbearable. It is only felt a little more in the bony areas, which is only noticed during the procedure. There is no ongoing pain or ache afterwards.

Focused ultrasound, which shows its net effect in an average of 3 months, can be applied to people between the ages of 30-60 with sagging problems.

Because focused ultrasound is an energy that can go deep into the skin, it is a serious procedure that must be applied by specialist physicians. The application can be made in 4 seasons and does not prevent the person from his daily life.

How is non-surgical HIFU Face Lift?

Before the application, the skin is cleaned. After the application areas are determined by drawing, the hifu head is brought into contact with the skin and the application is started. The depth of the heads is chosen according to the area to be applied by the physician. The process takes approximately 30-60 minutes. In other words, you can have a non-surgical face lift in a time period that you allocate for a classic skin care period. Although the sensation of pain varies from person to person, light numbing can be done with local anesthetic creams if desired. Focused ultrasound is a highly satisfactory application worldwide. Effects such as skin tightness, tightening, wrinkle removal are among the most preferred reasons. Although it is preferred in line with the demands such as eyebrow lifting, wrinkle removal, facial oval recovery, jowl problems in the face area, it is also widely used for contouring and tightening in areas such as arm, abdominal sagging, knee, inner leg sagging for the body.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, it can be combined with applications such as filling, PRP, mesotherapy, gold needle, which are frequently used in anti-aging procedures, at the time and amounts recommended by the physician.

Although focused ultrasound seems simple, it is an application that must be done by specialist physicians. Although it is a single session application, it maintains its permanence for 1-2 years.

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