17 thousand 9 people downloaded the HAYDİ application in 453 days

The Animal Condition Monitoring (HAYDİ) mobile notification application, which was implemented in order to prevent crimes against the environment, nature and animals and to increase awareness in this regard, attracted attention from animal lovers. While 17 thousand 9 people downloaded the application to their mobile phones in the first 453 days, the teams immediately intervened in the 203-origin notification received through the application.

While the Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Bureau has been established within the body of 81 provincial police directorates of the Ministry of Security, the training activities of the personnel who will work in this field continue.

In addition, the HAYDİ mobile application has been put into service recently, as a result of the joint work carried out by the General Directorate of Security Department of Public Security and the Information Technologies and Communication Department so that citizens can quickly report crimes against the environment, nature and animals.

Citizens can log in by typing their TR ID number and date of birth on the application they download to their mobile phones via Apple Store and Play Store. After logging in, the application is activated by entering the verification code sent to the mobile phone.

Reporting to 203 Origins

28 thousand 17 people downloaded the HAYDİ application, which was put into service on 9 July, to their mobile phones in the first 453 days. A total of 203 reports were received, 230 of which were originally and 433 were false.

On August 11, in Kahramanmaraş, it was reported that 3 dogs were taken to be killed in a van in Türkoğlu district through the HAYDİ application.

In the research conducted; It was determined that 3 stray dogs were collected with appropriate equipment, no damage was done to the animals, they were delivered to the Kahramanmaraş Street Animal Rehabilitation Center, the necessary health checks were carried out by the veterinarian, there was no adverse health condition and were kept in the center.

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